iPhone 15 Pro will probably have a periscope camera with 10x optical zoom

iPhone 15 Pro will probably have a periscope camera with 10x optical zoom

iPhone 15 Pro will probably have a periscope camera with 10x optical zoom

If you remember, in 2016, Apple was one of the first companies to use double optical zoom in its smartphone and launched the iPhone 7 Plus with this feature. However, it seems that the Cupertinos are a little behind their competitors in this department. At the beginning of 2020, Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 Ultra for the first time with a periscope camera equipped with 10x hybrid optical zoom, and so far many Android smartphones use this type of lens.

You probably know Apple too. It plans to equip the popular iPhone phones with a periscope camera in the near future and offer 10 times optical zoom thanks to these cameras. Now, a new report by Jeff Poe confirms this and states that the people of Cupertino plan to equip the iPhone 15 Pro models with a periscope camera and subsequently bring the ability to zoom optically to a new level in this family.

Periscope lenses or folding lenses usually consist of a combination of prisms and mirrors that effectively increase the focal length of the camera array in compact dimensions. It is interesting to know that Samsung Electronic Mechanics is the owner of many patents related to this technology due to the acquisition of Corephotonix in 2019 and having all its patents.

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In the past, it was claimed that Apple will probably use Samsung-made components and parts to provide “folding telephoto” lenses in some 2023 iPhone models and LG Innotek will also be in charge of assembling the iPhone 15 periscope cameras. However, recent reports suggest that Apple plans to remove Samsung from its supply chain for the foldable camera module in 2023.

Apparently, Apple is looking to source the components separately, and most likely patents Samsung will block Apple’s plans. However, the tech world giant can find a solution to this issue or buy the necessary licenses from Samsung.

Passing the iPhone 15 family, Apple will probably use a single-body or integrated camera design in the 2022 iPhones, which has a winding motor. It integrates audio (VCM) with its lens array. Compared with the current modules that use the same components as separate and separate parts, the new design can free up the internal space of the device and increase the resistance of the device. Also, it seems that this company will use sensors with 48 megapixel resolution in the wide camera of flagship iPhone 14 models after years.

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