iPhone 14 probably only supports electronic SIM card

iPhone 14 probably only supports electronic SIM card

iPhone 14 probably only supports electronic SIM card

Rumours about the possibility of an iPhone model that only supports electronic SIM cards are not new, and we have heard whispers about it before. The whistleblowers have repeatedly said that Apple plans to remove another physical port of the iPhone 14 (Apple iPhone 14); However, an analyst has recently said that Apple will release two different models of iPhone 14 to avoid potential problems.

According to 9to5Mac, But Moore McClone, an analyst at GlobalData Institute, said that most experts have always believed that sooner or later Apple will launch an iPhone that only supports electronic SIM cards, however, so far, they have found a suitable solution to implement this idea.

McClone says that it is far from expected that Apple wants to say goodbye to the physical SIM card in the iPhone 14 at once; Because this event will be very important and controversial. According to this analyst’s prediction, Apple wants to release a model of iPhone 14 only with electronic SIM card support to gauge the market’s reaction. slow down and make the dual-SIM model available to the mass market.

McClone believes that Apple will allow telecommunication companies to exclusively offer iPhone models with eSIM support to their customers, or to offer other models with support. Go from electronic SIM card and physical SIM card.

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It will be Apple’s own, and the Cupertino company will offer this model with built-in wireless connectivity. McCleone says carriers need to upgrade their internal tools to support e-SIM and work harder on general marketing to ease the migration process to e-SIM-only iPhones.

Rumors say that Apple will go for a new design in iPhone 14 and for the first time in the last few years, it will abandon the notch above the screen. The iPhone 14 is expected to have an oval hole instead of a notch. Ever since the introduction of the iPhone X, Apple has introduced modern iPhones with notched displays. Probably, we will not see the release of the iPhone Mini this year and the iPhone 14 Plus will be released instead. 2022 iPhones will probably see significant improvements in the camera and processor department.

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