iPhone 14 Pro models will likely support satellite communications

iPhone 14 Pro models will likely support satellite communications

iPhone 14 Pro models will likely support satellite communications

Following the recent rumors that some iPhone 14 models may be equipped with the A15 chip, a report has been published that is actually a confirmation of this and new information about two standard iPhone 14 models. Offered under the code name “D27 and D28”. Apparently, one of the mentioned models has a 6.7-inch screen and replaces the 5.4-inch iPhones. According to this report, the screens of the two phones will have the same resolution as the iPhone 13 Pro models. ; While the display of pro models iPhone 14 codenamed “D73 and D74” can be slightly taller due to the removal of the notch and the use of a capsule-shaped cavity. to be Sources familiar with Apple policy once again confirm that the standard models may have the A15 Bionic chip; But the Pro models will be powered by completely new chips.

Of course, it’s possible that Apple will use an updated and more powerful version of the A15 in the base models. The mentioned chip can even have new extensions and more processing cores. For example, in previous years, Apple used AX series chips in iPad Pros, which were much more powerful in terms of performance than the base models.

Finally, sources say that some iPhone 14 models use satellite communications in emergency situations. will support In fact, this is not the first time such a claim has been made; Because last year, developers such as Mark German and Ming-Chi Kuo announced that the iPhone 13 family would be equipped with this feature

Currently, the feature is codenamed “Stewie” to send an emergency message via satellite communications and is designed to allow users to use satellite services when communications signals are unavailable. use to send messages to their audience. Apparently, this feature will be integrated into the Messenger program as the third communication protocol, along with SMS and iMessage. Apparently, satellite messages will be distinguished from SMS and IM messages with gray bubbles.

  • Apple probably for the first time from two different chips in the series iPhone 14 uses

Furthermore, there are also rumors that the aforementioned service may be able to handle some phone calls in the future in addition to sending text messages. Of course, this feature also has problems. For example, iPhone 14 models are said to be able to use the 2.4835 to 2.4950 GHz band, which is the upper half of Wi-Fi channel 14. Most countries do not use this band for Wi-Fi, and since it is a downlink channel, it does not support smartphone-to-satellite connections. The spectrum is also only approved for terrestrial use, which makes rumors of satellite communications less likely.

The next-generation iPhone is expected to be unveiled in September 2022 and hit the market shortly after. . September has always been one of Apple’s traditional months for unveiling its products. The giant of the technology world usually unveils its latest generation of phones and smart watches at this event. Rumors suggest that the iPhone 14 series will experience major changes in the design language, and after years, we may see 48-megapixel sensors to power the camera of the Pro models.

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