iPhone 13 Pro beat Galaxy S21 Ultra in DXOMARK battery test

iPhone 13 Pro beat Galaxy S21 Ultra in DXOMARK battery test

iPhone 13 Pro beat Galaxy S21 Ultra in DXOMARK battery test

DXOMARK recently released the results of its tests of the iPhone 13 Pro battery has shown that even the battery of the Pro version of the iPhone 13 is better than that of phones with much larger batteries such as Motorola Edge 20 Pro. Galaxy S21 Ultra and OnePlus 9 Pro has better performance; Of course, it still cannot beat its older brother, the iPhone 13 Pro Max in terms of battery life; Because this phone is in the third place with 89 points in the list of the longest battery life of smartphones.

iPhone 13 Pro with a battery capacity of 3,095 mAh was able to last up to two days with average use. According to DXOMARK, these tests are based on simulated scenarios of real and normal usage of users; Of course, Dexomark named this series of tests “Autonomy”.

Another test called “On the go” or “on the go” measures battery life while moving and traveling. Dedicating a test to use during migration makes sense; Because a factor such as continuous antenna in connection with network selection increases battery consumption. In these tests, the iPhone 13 Pro performed better than the average among devices in the flagship or ultra-premium category of DXOMARK ratings.

As for the charging speed, it should also be said that the iPhone 13 Pro is able to reach zero The percentage takes about one hour and 34 minutes until the battery indicator shows 100%; Of course, it will take another 9 minutes to fully charge. It is recommended that users only charge up to 80% of their device’s battery, in which case it only takes 49 minutes.

The optimal consumption mode is where the iPhone 13 Pro Max has no competitors, and perhaps the title of the most energy-efficient phone on the market can easily be given to 13 Pro Max attributed. Battery consumption is managed so well that it drains the least amount of current for online video streaming via Wi-Fi or offline video streaming. In fact, in the entire DXOMARK database, the best performance is the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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