iPadOS 15 operating system introduced – improved home screen and multitasking

iPadOS 15 operating system introduced – improved home screen and multitasking

iPadOS 15 operating system introduced – improved home screen and multitasking

At its conference tonight, Apple unveiled the new iPadOS 15 operating system for its iPad tablets. Stay with us for more details of the iPadOS 15 operating system.

New features of the iPadOS 15 operating system

So far according to what Apple said at the conference It has been shown that in the iPadOS 15 operating system, we see the improvement of the control of the main screen of HomeScreen, which provides more flexibility of widgets. Now you can place them anywhere on the home screen (this feature was added in version 14 of this operating system and has evolved in the new version). Apple is adding the App Library experience to iPadOS 15. As we saw on the iPhone, now the apps that you rarely use are automatically organized into a separate folder so that you can easily decide on them and they don’t end up on your home screen.

Feature Multitasking is another thing that has been improved. Now the new icons put you in multitasking mode easily, and also the new feature called Shelf makes it easier for you to switch between programs (in multitasking mode). This feature was more or less the same in the previous version, but in the new version, we can see the update and improvement of their better performance. The Quicknote program also allows you to paste the notes and items you need on web pages or other programs and the new operating system environment of Apple tablets.

FaceTime calls now support natural and realistic sound. The next new feature that will be added to Apple iPads is the Shareplay feature introduced for FaceTime. Thanks to this feature, you can share video, music, etc. during a video call. This feature will use picture-in-picture and iMessage capabilities for a seamless experience across multiple devices. There’s now a notification summary section for the many notifications that pop up for you throughout the day. You can also categorize your notifications to see which one has a higher priority for you. You can synchronize the page turning with the sound of the song.

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