iPad and Mac will not merge despite hardware convergence

iPad and Mac will not merge despite hardware convergence

iPad and Mac will not merge despite hardware convergence

Companies that offer a range of diverse products to users, sometimes over time, in some ranges, the similarities between the products increase to the point where there are less points of distinction between them. They found In these cases, some manufacturers try to merge two different series of their products, but Apple is against this. Tim Cook, the CEO of this company, said in the past that you can integrate a toaster and a refrigerator, but the result will not be pleasant for users. A few years have passed since then, and Apple now uses the same processor in its iPad and Mac. But the company believes that these two are still separate from each other and each device goes its own way. In recent years, it has proven that there is a relatively large market for such devices that can do two devices. A combination of a tablet and a laptop that inherits a touch screen from a tablet and a physical keyboard from a laptop. After Apple started transforming the processor architecture of its products with the introduction of Apple Silicon, the question arose for the company’s fans as to why Apple insists on keeping the iPad separate from the Mac when there is no longer any particular difference between them. In the new iPad Pro, Apple used the same M1 chip that was placed in the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Due to the thinner thickness and fanless design, the MacBook Air still has its place, but the iPad Pro now looks more like a Mac Pro than ever.

In an interview with The Independent, the head of marketing and head of hardware Apple software once again emphasized that Apple keeps two hardware platforms separate from each other. These two main reasons for Apple announced that the company is only making the best product in each category for consumers and gives users the option to choose the desired product according to their pocket. They also said that some users may be hesitant to buy between iPad and Mac, while some have both at the same time. Apple believes that these two are not competitors, but complement each other. Even though the iPad Pro looks more like a Mac than ever.

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