Introducing vivo X Fold folding phone with 6.5 and 8 inch screens and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor

Introducing vivo X Fold folding phone with 6.5 and 8 inch screens and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor

Introducing vivo X Fold folding phone with 6.5 and 8 inch screens and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor

News unit : Company Vivo a few hours ago on Monday, April 11, 2022 (22 April 1401) from the new folding phone vivo X Fold unveiled; Images and some specifications of the X Fold have been made available in the past weeks in numerous news from this company, and at least in terms of appearance, we do not face any big surprises. X Fold as Vivo’s first experience in making a folding phone, from a book-shaped design, similar to Galaxy Z Fold3 Samsung and Oppo Find N has and is equipped with two screens inside and outside. A solid body, flagship processor and modern cameras are among other main features of X Fold.

vivo X Fold Unlike the previous experience of another brand in the BBK collection, i.e. Find N from the company Opo, it is bulkier than its Samsung counterpart and uses larger screens. has been The design of the device in general means the presence of an external screen on the outer edge and a large internal screen that is divided into two halves in the middle. There has been no change in the X Fold, but the form of the main cameras is different from the usual procedure and from a large circular area to place the lenses. It has been used.

The length and width of the phone in the closed state are 162 and 74.4 mm, respectively, which increases to 144.8 mm when opened, keeping the height constant. For comparison, it is enough to know that the length and width of Z Fold3 5G It is 128.1 x 158.2 mm in the open state, so in both cases we are faced with a much larger phone in the X Fold. The thickness of the X Fold is between 6.28 and 7.4 mm in the open state and 14.57 to 14.91 mm in the closed state (compare to the Z Fold3’s 6.4 and 14.4 to 16 mm open and closed respectively). The larger screen in X Fold has a great impact on the weight of the phone and the weight of 311 grams of the device is exactly 40 grams more than its Samsung counterpart.

This phone comes in two colors, gray and blue, each of which has a different texture on the back. The black version comes with a strip on the left edge.

Build X Fold According to Vivo, it is the result of a large number of different technical patents and its resistance in Daily use has been tested up to 100,000 times opening and closing. The X Fold is apparently the first phone in the world to pass the German Rheinland standard of 30 million times being opened and closed, so it can be used like a normal phone without any worries. The design of this model apparently lasted for 4 years and 6 modern materials including liquid metal zirconium alloy, titanium alloy and carbon fiber were used in its hinge part, which in addition to lightness and strength, the possibility of folding the U shape of this collection and placing it under desired angles They provide 60 to 120 degrees.

The external screen of the phone is a 6.53-inch AMOLED example of the Samsung E5 type with a resolution of 1080×2520 pixels (Full HD+ in a ratio of 21:9), which, according to the manufacturer, covers 88.75% of this area. . This 120 Hz display has a contrast ratio of 8,000,000:1 and supports the display of 16.7 million colors. As an example for comparison, we should mention the 6.2-inch external screen of the Z Fold3, which, in addition to being smaller, has a much smaller width, and its resolution is 2268 x 832 pixels, offering a problematic ratio of 25:9.

The internal screen of the device has more exciting features And from the very beginning, by seeing the A+ mark from the DisplayMate reference website, you can expect a very high-quality screen. The X Fold’s 8.03-inch internal screen with a 4:3.55 square ratio has a resolution of 2160 x 1916 pixels and occupies 89.45% of the space. This display, which is still of Samsung E5 type, is covered by SCHOTT UTG resistant coating (competitor for Ultra Thing Glass Samsung ) and its LTPO technology also allows the automatic reduction of the refresh rate from 120 to 1 Hz. This panel also supports the display of HDR10+ content.

X Fold is not only equipped with an in-screen fingerprint sensor unlike all other folding phones in this class, but instead of one sensor, it uses two fingerprint sensors. These two sensors are located inside one of the internal and external screens, and what is even more interesting is the type of fingerprint sensors, which, contrary to expectations, are apparently not optical and have been selected from the more advanced ultrasonic type.

The structure of X Fold uses a total of six cameras which include two selfie cameras (one above each of the internal and external screens) and four cameras on the back. The device’s selfie cameras are both 16 megapixels without autofocus, and the front lens aperture is f/2.45.

The first thing to mention about the rear cameras is the encouraging Zeiss logo in this area, which is already in flagship phones X70 Pro and +X70 Pro was also seen. Cooperation with this German brand, apart from providing Zeiss T* anti-reflective coating, has led to exclusive imaging modes such as Motion Capture 3.0, Texture Portrait and Zeiss Super Night Scene. The main camera on the back is a 50-megapixel model with a 1/1.57-inch sensor. “_blank” title=”Introducing ISOCELL HP1″>Samsung GN5’s first 200MP camera sensor for a mobile phone with a 16px x 1px combination supports OIS and features an f/1.75 lens. The video recording resolution in this camera reaches 8K. The second camera is a 48-megapixel ultrawide with f/2.2 and a 114-degree field of view, which, like the main camera, supports auto-focus, and in addition to images with a wide field of view, it is also used to take pictures from a very close distance.

The third camera of a sample 12 It is a megapixel with a focal length of 47 mm and f/1.98, which can be considered a 2x zoom camera, but Vivo rightfully calls it a portrait camera. This camera is also equipped with automatic focus. Finally, the fourth camera of the phone, which is no less attractive than the previous cameras, is an 8-megapixel telephoto camera with a periscope lens with 5x optical zoom (60x digital zoom), which has an f/3.4 lens in front of it. This camera is also equipped with automatic focus and OIS.

X Fold As a foldable phone, it has been successful in multitasking and simultaneously running several programs together on the internal large screen, and apart from the possibility of running two programs on one screen, it also supports a suspended application in this mode, which improves multitasking. And using several programs at once will play an effective role. Placing the phone half-open in L-shaped mode and using the second screen for other applications (controls during a call, keyboard, etc.) are other things that can be mentioned in this section.

Processing in X Fold naturally with the most powerful mobile chipset Available i.e. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 cores and has 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 256 or 512GB of non-upgradable UFS 3.1 internal storage.

The phone’s battery capacity is 4,600mAh, which is more than the current 4,400mAh battery. Change in Z Fold3 5G Yer has experienced a little. In the field of fast charging, we face one of the best and fastest charging in the world of foldable phones, where the 66-watt charger of this phone will apparently be able to fully charge the battery in just 37 minutes. 50W wireless charging (apparently the fastest among the foldables in this class) and 10W reverse wireless charging are also available in this model.

Support for 5G, Wi-Fi version 6, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC connection and satellite routers are some of the communication methods. make up the device and as you can easily guess, there is no headset jack.

vivo X Fold with operating system Android 12 and the OriginOS user interface were apparently introduced exclusively for the Chinese market and there is still no news about the possibility of presenting it to other markets. The price of this model in the Chinese market is two versions of 256 and 512 GB (both with 12 GB of RAM), 8,999 and 9,999 yuan respectively (at the current exchange rate of nearly 1,413 and 1,570 US dollars).

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