Introducing Vivo Watch with AMOLED screen and blood oxygen sensor

Introducing Vivo Watch with AMOLED screen and blood oxygen sensor

Introducing Vivo Watch with AMOLED screen and blood oxygen sensor

News unit : Vivo on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 (1 Mehr 1399) from its first smart watch named Vivo Watch unveiled; Of course, this is the third smart watch of BBK collection after Oppo Watch and Realme Watch, but it can be mentioned as a special and slightly different experience. Vivo Watch uses a circular screen and its close resemblance to Samsung especially Galaxy Watch3 can’t be passed up easily. Except for the appearance, this similarity continues to the dimensions of the screen and both the small and large versions of the device are close to their Samsung counterparts. Vivo Watch uses a proprietary operating system and offers long battery life.

Vivo Watch is presented in two different sizes of 42 and 46 mm which leads to screens of 1.19 and 1.39 inches, respectively. For comparison, the Galaxy Watch 3 used 41 and 45 mm body diameters, which despite being smaller compared to the Vivo watch, with reduced bezels, housed 1.2 and 1.4 inches screens. have given. The thickness of the 42 mm version of this watch is 9.7 mm and weighs 35.6 grams, while the larger 46 mm version weighs 46.8 grams.

The body of this watch in both versions is made of stainless steel called 316L and the surrounding frame of the screen is apparently ceramic. While the smaller model comes with a gray or brown matte body, the 46mm version comes with a brushed metal finish in silver or black. This watch is resistant to a pressure of 50 atmospheres, so it can be easily used in water with a depth of 50 meters.

The big difference in appearance between the smaller or larger version of this phone belongs to its side buttons, which in the 42 mm version includes two raised buttons parallel to 2 and 4 o’clock, but in the 46 mm version, there are three flat buttons with less protrusion.

Technology The screen construction in both watches is of AMOLED type and while the resolution of the larger version is 454 x 454 pixels, this figure reaches 390 x 390 pixels in the smaller version. In this way, the density of both panels is maintained at 326ppi, which is a perfect number for a smart watch.

In the processing part of this watch, two different chipsets are used in order to reduce energy consumption; Where the main processor named ST is intended for the usual mode and normal use of the device, and the other named Apollo will be used in situations where there is no need for sensors and smart parts of the device. This combination was previously found in Oppo Watch We had also seen. Both Vivo Watch models have 2 GB of internal memory, which is reduced to a quarter compared to Samsung’s opponent.

Capacity The battery of the smaller version of this watch is announced as 226mAh, but in the larger version, we have a completely larger battery with a capacity of 478mAh. According to Vivo, these two batteries will last for 9 and 18 days respectively in a normal scenario of use, and their full charge is less than 2 The clock is ticking. For comparison, it is better to know that Samsung has used two batteries with capacities of 247 and 340 mAh in the two small and large versions of the Galaxy Watch 3, respectively, which has a larger capacity in the smaller version, but offers a much smaller volume in the larger version.

Like Other smart watches here also come with a set of sensors and different software facilities to follow the physical activities of users, which includes a long list of different sports at different levels, and a heart rate sensor, the ability to track sleep status, stress level and The blood oxygen detection sensor is also included in this list, the latter of course has been present in the products of various companies for a long time, but its use in Apple Watch Series 6 has been making news in recent days.

from Other features of this watch include satellite navigation and NFC connection, and Bluetooth is naturally included in the list of features of this model. Vivo Watch from September 28 ( October 7, 2019) with a price of 1,299 yuan (at the current exchange rate of nearly 190 US dollars) for both 42 and 46 mm versions, it was released to the Chinese market, and there is no information about the possibility and how to offer it in other markets.

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