Introducing TicWatch Pro X – a smart watch with two LCD and AMOLED screens and the SD4100 platform

Introducing TicWatch Pro X – a smart watch with two LCD and AMOLED screens and the SD4100 platform

Introducing TicWatch Pro X – a smart watch with two LCD and AMOLED screens and the SD4100 platform

News unit The market of smart products every day with the creations of manufacturing companies It is mobile and activists are trying to make more of it by presenting new devices. One of the fields of interest in recent years is the field of smart watches, which has attracted the attention of users. The Chinese company Mobvoi is considered among the creative manufacturers in this field, which previously heard news about the presentation of TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra, TicWatch GTH+ and TicWatch GTH Pro watches with the ability to measure blood pressure. Although there is no report about the release of any of these products yet, this company has announced a new smartwatch named TicWatch Pro X.

The TicWatch Pro X that will be offered in China is a flagship smartwatch that comes with Adriya is equipped with and at the same time shares many similarities with the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS (launched last year). This smartwatch uses a 1.39-inch screen with a pixel density of 326ppi, which is made with AMOLED technology and another screen with FSTN LCD technology is placed on it.

Interestingly, based on this dual design, the display of the new Mobvoi smartwatch can be used It provides the user with two smart modes, Smart mode and Durable mode, which is referred to as Essential Mode in some sources. In this way, the 1.39-inch AMOLED display panel is active in Smart mode with all functions, including checking the weather, and can continue to operate for up to 4 days with a single charge. But if the user is in a place where it is not possible to charge the device for several days, he can put the watch in Durable mode. In this case, the FSTN LCD display is used, which has a colored backlight and maintains the energy stored in the device’s battery for up to 45 days.

The beating heart of the TicWatch Pro X smart watch is the platform

This smart watch has more than 20 professional sports programs, including running in It supports outdoor activities such as walking, climbing, swimming, cycling, yoga, and more, and measures health-related information such as exercise time, calories burned, and heart rate. It can also measure the user’s blood oxygen by using sensors such as SPO2, and it has features to remind you to be inactive.

TicWatch Pro X supports not only electronic SIM or eSIM but also 4G LTE technology. In this way, the user will not miss important calls and messages while running, swimming, or outdoor activities, without needing a smartphone. Also, VoLTE voice call with high resolution and high-quality sound output, NFC and built-in GPS are other features of the new Mobvoi smartwatch.

Currently pre-order TicWatch Pro X flagship watch with Google WearOS version 2.0 (usable in Smart Mode) has been launched in China through the website at a price of 1,999 yuan (about $310 at the current exchange rate) and is expected to sell for 2,399 yuan (about $372).

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