Introducing the new generation of Motorola RAZR – a new definition for a foldable smartphone

Introducing the new generation of Motorola RAZR – a new definition for a foldable smartphone

Introducing the new generation of Motorola RAZR – a new definition for a foldable smartphone

News unit Nearly 15 years ago in 2004, the company Motorola from RAZR V3 as one of the most attractive and popular folding phones of that time The curtain has been removed and now the new version of this phone with a modern design and equipped with a folding screen has been introduced; This phone, which is simply RAZR is called, in the past few months, it had an active presence in the news and rumors published by Motorola until finally today, November 14, 2019 (November 23, 2018), it was officially and exclusively introduced for the Verizon operator. RAZR has a different design than other folding phones introduced in recent months, i.e. Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold is similar to the V3 from years ago.

body design

Motorola RAZR New, unlike previous experiences in this field, by opening the screen, it does not change from the form of a mobile phone to a large tablet, and instead gives a worthy answer to one of the problems of smartphones in recent years, i.e. the excessively large size of the screens. When closed, this phone uses a small and compact design that fits well in the palm of the hand, and its small external screen is sufficient to perform some specific tasks. Opening the device, however, we face a normal phone with large dimensions, which is no different from a normal smartphone.

Under the screen, a form similar to the same thick edge (chin) of the V3 model is used, which this time houses the fingerprint sensor, so that the screen can be unlocked without the need to unlock the device. Another key factor in the design of this phone belongs to its side hinges in the center, with the help of which it is possible to bend the internal screen, and they are also clearly visible in the internal view of the device. These hinges, which were designed in collaboration with Motorola’s parent company Lenovo, consist of a complex mechanism of joints and sliding plates that facilitate the operation of opening and closing the phone and open the screen completely flat to the end without any sign of bending in the center. The thickness of the phone when the screen is open reaches only 6.9 mm, and when closed, this thickness will be 14 mm, which is exactly the thickness of the RAZR V3 of 2004. The weight of 205 grams of the device will be more than twice heavier than its 15-year-old ancestor.

Structure Although the folding of this model looks very attractive, it also raises concerns regarding the durability and operation of the device in the long term; Something that Motorola rejected and according to this company The RAZR has an average lifespan similar to other smartphones. An anti-scratch coating is used on the screen of this model, and the internal nano layer of the device also protects it from splashing water and other liquids.


Certainly the center of attention and focal point in the design of the new RAZR belongs to its internal screen; This 6.2-inch screen, which is made with OLED technology and has a resolution of 2142 x 876 pixels and an aspect ratio of 21:9, is flexible and can be easily folded. This screen, which according to Motorola is made with a single cut, has a higher height than a normal Android phone, and to prevent dust and pollution from entering it, the entire screen borders from top to bottom are placed in a stainless steel frame. given. Referring to the company’s many years of experience in making plastic OLED panels with clear resemblance to Samsung and the story that happened to the initial version of the Galaxy Fold, Motorola has pointed out that the company is not looking to teach its users how to use the RAZR. learn! In the upper part of this screen, there is a small notch for placing the selfie camera and the contact speaker, and its lower part is somewhat crescent-shaped.

Separate From the main screen, another screen is installed in the external part of the device, which is 2.7 inches with a resolution of 600 x 800 pixels, and this one also has OLED manufacturing technology. This screen that Motorola calls it Quick View display, the ability to display It has notifications and music controls and can be used to take selfies with the main camera. Motorola is also looking for a way to easily and immediately transfer applications from the main screen to the external screen when closing the phone, which may be available to users in the next updates of the device.


RAZR works like a low-end mid-range phone, and in some cases even offers less features than lower-end phones in this class. The main camera of the device, which is located on the outside of the phone and under the second screen (in closed mode), is a 16-megapixel sample with a pixel size of 1.22 microns and an aperture of f/1.7, which supports laser focus and Dual Pixel.

Camera The second one above the screen has only 5 megapixel resolution and its aperture is f/2.0.

Processor and memory

The new RAZR, as it was already known, is a mid-range phone with a 10nm processor, unlike other foldables introduced in recent years. Snapdragon 710 is not only the ratio of processors Qualcomm’s new 8 series is placed in a lower position, but comparing it with newer options in this category such as Snapdragon 730 also shows weaker conditions. The RAM memory of the device is 6 GB and its 128 GB internal memory apparently cannot be upgraded.


The battery intended for this model has a capacity of 2,510mAh, which does not seem like a high capacity for a model with two screens. The fast charging of this battery is also 15 watts and of the TurboPower type, which is not very fast in comparison with today’s high-speed chargers with powers exceeding 40 watts.

Color – price – time in the market

Motorola RAZR new in just one The black color is offered exclusively to the Verizon operator in the US at a price of $1,500, which, although it is much more expensive than the usual phones, but comparing it with other folding models of 2019, it shows a completely lower figure. The pre-order of this phone will start on December 26, 2019 (December 5, 2018), but the time of its presence in the market has been postponed to January 2020. There is still no news about the possibility of this phone being available in other markets and even other American operators.

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