Introducing the new generation of Amazon Echo 2019 smart devices

Introducing the new generation of Amazon Echo 2019 smart devices

Introducing the new generation of Amazon Echo 2019 smart devices

News unit Smart speakers whose history in the market The year 2014 and the time of the introduction of the first generation Amazon Echo is considered one of the most popular digital gadgets and according to Canalys report on the smart speaker market in the second quarter of 2019 with a presentation of 26.1 million to the market, experiencing an annual growth of 55.4%. Amazon among prominent brands in the field of smart speakers with a big difference It is at the top and according to the latest Canalys report, it has more than 25% of the global market share. Yesterday, September 25, 2019 (October 3, 2018), this company introduced a new set of hardware devices, the most important of which are the company’s smart speakers.

Amazon’s 2019 Echo smart products include a diverse and numerous range that announce the high rise of this company for the upcoming holidays; The 9 smart products in this list, apart from the new generation of Echo speakers, also include other new products, all of which naturally use the digital assistant Alexa. Among these new Amazon products, 7 products are now available in the store. are available on Amazon, and the other two products are currently limited and invite only in the near future.

1- The third generation of Amazon Echo smart speaker

The third generation of the Amazon Echo smart speaker, although it is smaller in terms of dimensions and size than Echo Plus provided, but they share common audio hardware, the most important of which is a 3-inch woofer and a 0.8-inch tweeter. The volume change buttons along with the Action button and the peripheral lighting ring are placed on the device and in the back part, except for the power cable connection to the 3.5 mm headset jack.

This 148 mm speaker, which weighs 780 grams, uses a higher quality fabric in the peripheral parts and is available in charcoal, gray, cream and blue colors at a price of $99.99 from Amazon. .

2- Echo Dot smart speaker with clock

Amazon’s new generation Echo Dot small speaker is not very different from the previous Echo Dot at first glance, and in terms of sound, there is no difference between the two; By turning on this new model, its difference with the previous generation is visible, where a relatively large LED is used on the front body of this speaker, which shows a new user’s time by displaying the clock.

The light of this LED is automatically adjusted depending on the brightness of the environment and apart from showing the clock, it also displays some other information such as the air temperature (in response to the question asked by Alexa). This speaker weighs 300 grams and its price is 10 dollars more than the normal Echo Dot which is 59.99 dollars.

3- Echo Studio smart speaker

Echo Studio should be Amazon’s answer to Apple HomePod and Google Home Max considered; Where by using powerful hardware and offering Dolby Atmos 3D capability (which is not present in any of the two competing models) on the one hand and a completely lower and competitive price on the other hand, difficult conditions have been created for other competitors. In the structure of this model, 5 directional speakers including 3 2-inch mid-range outputs (on the left, right and top), a 1-inch tweeter and a 5.25-inch woofer are used, which in combination are able to create surround and directional sound.

The 5.25-inch woofer of this set is stronger than the HomePod equipped with a 4-inch woofer, but comparing it to the Home Max with two 4.5-inch woofers shows weaker conditions. Other features of Echo Studio include 24-bit digital-to-analog converter, surround sound technology of

4- Echo Show 8 smart display

Smart displays can be considered a new generation of smart speakers that after the introduction Echo Show in early 2017, now by many other companies is also produced, including Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max Google and Portal and Portal + of Facebook company. The new generation of Amazon’s smart displays is called Echo Show 8, which is placed between the 5-inch Echo Show 5 model and the 10-inch Echo Show model. In this smart display, as it is known from the name of the device, an 8-inch screen is used that uses HD resolution, and a 1-megapixel camera is considered for video calls on top of it.

In order to protect people’s privacy as much as possible, a separate physical cover has been considered for this camera, which is located right above it. The speakers on the back of this model include two 2-inch outputs, which are in much better condition than the Ecoshui 5 with a 1.7-inch speaker, and only slightly weaker than the 10-inch Ecoshui with two 2.2-inch speakers. It weighs 1.037 grams and comes in white and cream for $129.99 ($100 less than the 10-inch Echo Show).

5- Echo Glow smart light

Eco Glow is a new fantasy product in Amazon’s list of products, which should be called a smart lamp that can be controlled through Alexa with voice commands. Amazon introduces Echo Glow, a smart lamp for children that can change color and brightness with sound. In addition to children, this product can also be attractive for adults on special occasions such as celebrations. The Echo Glow is available on Amazon starting today for $29.99.

6- Echo Flex speaker

Eco Flex, despite the fact that it looks like a smart plug and even like it, fits into electrical outlets, but in practice it is a small smart speaker that receives voice commands from Alexa. The purpose of the design of this model is to provide a compact speaker for small or different environments such as bathrooms, toilets and places where the presence of a large speaker may seem strange or inappropriate.

With this speaker, you can get the latest news and weather information or control other smart home devices. This speaker is also equipped with a separate USB port for smartphone charging, which improves its use from a small and simple speaker. The Echo Flex is priced at $29.99.

7- Echo Buds wireless earbuds

Completely wireless headsets known as Earbuds have been in the market for several years, and now Amazon has joined their makers with Echo Buds; In each of the outputs of this earbud, two microphones are used in the external part and one in the internal part to eliminate noise, which is used in most similar products, especially in Apple is not visible. Like other Amazon products, this earbud supports the ability to receive Alexa voice commands, and in this sense, it is no different from other products of this company.

The interesting thing about this earbud is the use of Bose technology in the field of sound quality and noise removal, which completely eliminates concerns about the quality of this product compared to its famous counterparts. This $129.99 earbud is placed in a box for charging, and its battery, according to Amazon, will last 20 hours with each charge.

8- Echo Frame glasses

Eco Frame, as one of the two experimental and invitational products of Amazon, looks like a normal prescription glasses at first glance, but it has four small speakers with beamforming capability (point transmission of sound to the desired destination). Used.

With the help of these speakers, quality sound can be directed directly to the ear, and if you connect the glasses to an Android phone, you can also answer phone calls through it, be informed of calendar events, and Get notified of the set reminders. The Echo Frame will be available by invitation for $179.99 in the coming months.

9- Echo Loop

The latest new product Amazon This time, it is a smart ring called Echo Loop, which is equipped with two microphones and the smallest speaker designed for the Echo device family. This ring, which is connected to the user’s phone, starts vibrating when receiving a call or notification, and you can even make a short phone call with its help.

This attractive ring, which is offered in four sizes, small (S), medium (M), large (L) and extra large (XL), is included in the trial and invitational program of Amazon like the Echo Frame. Its price is set at $129.99 when it goes on sale later this year.

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