Introducing the latest Fossil smart watches – the birth of the Fossil Gen 6 family

Introducing the latest Fossil smart watches – the birth of the Fossil Gen 6 family

Introducing the latest Fossil smart watches – the birth of the Fossil Gen 6 family

News unit American company Fossil on Monday, August 30, 2021 ( 8 Shahrivar 1400) unveiled its newest series of smart watches called Gen 6. The Gen 6 family – which is considered the sixth generation of Fossil smartwatches – is not much different from the previous generation in terms of design, but some of its hardware specifications have been upgraded. Like Gen 5 watches, Gen 6 family smartwatches have also been produced in various styles and sizes, and some of these versions will be sold under the Michael Kors brand. None of Fossil’s new smartwatches are equipped with LTE connectivity. In the following, we will learn more about the specifications and features of these devices. />

One of the most important strengths of Gen 6 watches should be their processing part. The Gen 6 family are the first devices to be made from the chipset Snapdragon Wear 4100+ is used. The main difference between this chip and the standard version (Snapdragon Wear 4100), the addition of a co-processor is always on. This auxiliary processor removes the processing load of some functions from the main processor and speeds them up. Among these functions, the following can be mentioned: turning on the watch face at the same time as turning the wrist (tilt-to-wake), continuous heart rate measurement, sleep tracking and step counting. Not to mention, the performance of Wear 4100+ compared to Wear 3100 has been improved by 85% and its consumption has been reduced by 25%.

Another part that the manufacturer has maneuvered in introducing this product is related to its battery capabilities. . According to Fossil’s claim, the charging speed of the battery in Gen 6 watches is twice the charging speed of the top smart watches in the world. Although Fossil has not specified exactly what device it is comparing its product with, we do know the battery charging time of smart watches. Samsung, relatively high. Fossil claims that with a little more than 30 minutes of charging, the Gen 6 battery reserve reaches 80%. Fossil guarantees 24 hours of battery life (under normal use). Even by activating a mode known as Smart Battery Modes, the battery life can be extended to several days, although obviously, in this case, the user will be deprived of some essential functions of the watch.

Another improvement of Gen 6 compared to the previous model should be found in its sensors. Thanks to the upgrade of the heart rate sensor in Gen 6, continuous tracking of this quantity has become possible and the accuracy of its signal has also increased. The blood oxygen saturation measurement sensor or SpO2 is also a new member of the Gen 6 series. The SpO2 sensor also displays blood oxygen measurements on a new watch face. In this watch face, blood oxygen levels are displayed along with other quantities such as calories burned, steps taken, aerobic fitness level, as well as sleep and heart rate tracking.

It should be mentioned, many competitors in the same class of Gen 6 and even some devices Below this watch, today is equipped with health and fitness features that the Gen 6 lacks. For example, electrocardiography and blood pressure monitoring are among the big absentees of Gen 6 watches. Accelerometer, altimeter, ambient light sensor, compass and gyroscope are the other sensors of this watch.

Other specifications of the Gen 6 smart watch are the same as the previous model. The body of the watch – which is made of stainless steel – is produced in two sizes of 42 and 44 meters. There are 3 physical buttons on all models, with the central button rotating (like the digital crown on the Apple Watch). The round screen of the device is AMOLED, with a diameter of 1.28 inches and a density of 326 pixels per inch. 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory, speaker, microphone and vibrating motor are other features of the Gen 6 smart watch.

In terms of communication, options such as Bluetooth 5.0, GPS router and NFC chip have been considered for this smartwatch. Not to mention, Gen 6 can survive underwater up to 3 atmospheres. As mentioned at the beginning, the Gen 6 series watches do not have LTE connections. Of course, if Fossil wants to act according to its usual procedure, sooner or later the LTE version of this smart watch will also enter the market.

Among the disappointing points about the Gen 6 smartwatch, its operating system should be mentioned. While the new generation of smart watches in the market – like the new series Google will update the current devices to Wear earlier. OS 3 was announced in the second half of 2022.

According to some experts, one of the advantages of Gen 6 series watches over the new Samsung Galaxy Watch is to equip these watches with Google Assistant smart assistant and Google Pay payment system. While users on the new Galaxy Watch have to rely on the Bixby assistant and the Samsung Pay payment system.

Registration of pre-orders for buying Gen 6 series smart watches started on August 30 (8 Shahrivar) and this product will officially enter the market from the end of September. The price of these watches will vary between 299 and 319 dollars depending on the model.

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