Introducing the iQOO 5 series – powerful gaming phones with a super charger in the Pro version

Introducing the iQOO 5 series – powerful gaming phones with a super charger in the Pro version

Introducing the iQOO 5 series – powerful gaming phones with a super charger in the Pro version

News unit : iQOO brand (subcategory of Vivo) has found a good position in the gaming smartphone market with its gaming phones and Considering the relatively reasonable price of its products, it is considered a fierce competitor. On Monday, August 17, 2020 (August 27, 2019), this company announced the production of its new series of gaming phones. This series currently consists of two phones named iQOO 5 and iQOO 5 Pro is formed. AMOLED display, powerful processor. 865 with A77 cores and 25% higher processing speed “Snapdragon 865” and triple camera are the most important features of these two phones. The Pro version has many similarities with the original version, but the periscopic lens with powerful zoom and ultra-fast charging technology distinguish it from the iQOO 5.


Smartphone iQOO5 is designed in dimensions of 8.32 x 75.60 x 160.04 mm, weighs 197 grams and comes in blue and gray colors. iQOO 5 Pro is produced with a smaller length and width – that is, 73.30 x 159.56 mm. This phone is produced in two different versions in terms of appearance. The first version is called Track Version and it consists of a black glass frame with a look similar to carbon fiber texture, whose blue edges (with the association of blue rays) create a beautiful composition.

The second version – which is called Legendary Edition – tells about iQOO’s collaboration with BMW M Motorsport. In this version, the back frame seems to have a white leather cover and red, black and blue colors (taken from the BMW M logo) can be seen in the form of a strip on the left side (along the camera module). Needless to say, the thickness of the Track Version is 8.9 mm and its weight is 198 grams, while the thickness and weight of the Legendary Edition are 9.53 mm and 196.7 grams, respectively.


Both phones have an AMOLED display with a diameter of 6.56 inches and a resolution of 1080 x 2376 pixels. The upper margin is only 1.75 mm and the lower margin is 2.8 mm. In this way, we are dealing with a full-screen display with a screen-to-body ratio of 92.6%. The 120Hz refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate make it clear that this display is built for gaming. The display of these two phones supports the HDR10+ standard and with the approval of SGS company, it protects the user’s eyes against blue rays. It should be noted that the only difference between the screens in these two phones is their appearance; Unlike the flat screen in iQOO 5, the screen of the Pro version is curved on the right and left. Of course, this curvature does not continue to the edge of the phone, because according to the manufacturer, there are 1.48 mm thick bezels on the right and left sides of the screen.

Processor and memory

Powerful chip Snapdragon 865 is at the heart of new iQOO phones, which compared to Snapdragon 855, its CPU performance increases by 25% and GPU consumption decreases by 35% had. Snapdragon 865 – which is made with 7nm lithography – consists of 1 2.84 GHz core and 3 2.42 GHz cores (all based on the architecture of Cortex-A77 processors) and 4 cores of 1.8 GHz (based on the architecture of Cortex-A55 processors) and the processing unit Its graphics is Adreno 650. In iQOO 5, according to the device model, 8 or 12 GB of RAM (of LPDDR5 type) and 128 or 256 GB of internal memory (of UFS 3.1 type) are expected. The only difference in the Pro version in this section is that in its configurations, only 256 GB memory is visible. Apparently, it is not possible to upgrade the memory in any of the two phones.


Both phones use three cameras on the back of the device. In the iQOO 5, the main camera – apparently from the GN1 sensor Samsung composed – it has a resolution of 50 megapixels and the aperture of its lens is f/1.85 (probably the same as the main camera +Vivo X50 Pro). Next to this camera, there is a 13-megapixel ultrawide camera – with a field of view of 120 degrees and an aperture of f/2.2 – which, according to the manufacturer, also plays the role of a macro camera. The third member of this collection is a 13-megapixel (f/2.46) portrait camera that enables up to 20x digital zoom.

According to iQOO, the artificial intelligence algorithm to reduce noise in this camera improves the quality of photography at night. Star shooting mode is another feature of the iQOO 5 camera. According to the manufacturer, this camera is capable of recording 8K video and due to the Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS), it is expected to be able to suppress hand shake to some extent. Needless to say, the front camera is also 16 megapixels and the lens aperture is f/2.45.

In iQOO 5 Pro is also faced with a 3-camera set, with the difference that in the Pro version, instead of a 13-megapixel portrait camera, an 8-megapixel camera with a periscopic lens and f/3.4 aperture can be seen. The periscopic lens of this camera provides optical zoom up to 5 times and hybrid zoom up to 60 times. Another advantage of the camera in the Pro version is that, in addition to EIS, optical image stabilization or OIS is also provided. Super Night Vision 4.0 is another feature of iQOO 5 Pro. Other camera specifications in the Pro version (including main, ultrawide and selfie cameras) are no different from the regular version.


The battery capacity in iQOO 5 is equal to 4,500 mAh and it is charged with 55W fast charging called FlashCharge through the USB-C port. The time required to fully charge the battery is 50 minutes. According to iQOO’s claim, this battery will last up to 480 hours in 4G standby mode and 18.5 hours in 4G talk time. Using the battery of this phone, you can also charge the battery of other devices through reverse charging. In the introduction of this phone’s battery, the manufacturer mentioned a feature called “smart charging mode” that can charge while taking into account your rest time. In this way, the battery is quickly charged to 80% and then the charging process is automatically suspended, but before the end of your rest, the charging process will bring the battery reserve to 100%. This can increase battery life by reducing wear and tear.

Undoubtedly, the iQOO 5 Pro has one of the most amazing batteries in the smartphone industry, and perhaps the most interesting part of this phone is its battery. The battery capacity in iQOO 5 Pro has been reduced to 4,000 mAh. You might think that this point contradicts the previous sentence, but this is not the whole story. What makes the battery of the Pro version exceptional is the Super FlashCharge technology or its 120-watt ultra-fast charge, which was introduced about a month ago by iQOO introduced. Thanks to this technology, the Pro version’s 4,000 mAh battery only takes 15 minutes to fully charge (about the same time as listening to 3 songs!). It only takes 5 minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 50%. For the battery of this phone, iQOO has managed to obtain the approval of safe fast charging from the German company TÜV Rheinland. The battery life of the Pro version is up to 269 hours in 4G standby mode and up to 13 hours in 4G talk time. Not to mention, other features – including reverse wired charging and smart charging – are in place here as well.


In gaming phones, overheating is a normal thing and you should think of a solution for it. iQOO’s solution, as always, is the liquid cooling system that is used in iQOO 5 is of the VC or vapor chamber type and includes an area of ​​12,751 square millimeters, which is compared to iQOO 3 has increased by 21.4 percent. The heat dissipation in this system is improved and according to the manufacturer’s claim, it can lower the CPU temperature by 12 degrees. The same system is also implemented in the Pro version, except that it covers a larger area (equivalent to 14,581 square mm).

The Z-axis linear motor and a professional system – which the manufacturer calls Monster Engine – create a variety of vibration effects that are a must for gaming phones, including the 4D vibration shock that iQOO It is mentioned in the introduction of phones. Among the other vibration features of these phones, we can mention the keyboard simulator, which according to the manufacturer, by activating it, the user will experience the feeling of pressing the keyboard buttons while typing. The Multi-Turbo 4 accelerator engine, two stereo speakers and hi-fi sound with a dynamic range higher than 120 dB are other things that make playing with these phones more enjoyable.

Communications and operating system

The new iQOO smartphones are dual-SIM and equipped with 5G communication. Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1 and NFC are among their other communication features. The fingerprint sensor is embedded under the display layer, and in addition, the phone can be unlocked using face recognition (Face Wake). Both phones are launched with Android 10 and iQOO UI 1.5 skin. Jovi digital assistant is also active on both devices.

Price and delivery time

Pre-order registration for iQOO 5 series smartphones has started and these products will officially be ready for sale in China from August 24 (3 Shahrivar). The details of the international release of these phones will probably be announced in the future. The prices of new iQOO phones in different configurations are as follows:

– iQOO 5 in 8/128 GB model: 3,998 yuan, which is roughly equal to 576 dollars at the current exchange rate

– iQOO 5 in 12/12GB model: 4,298 yuan ($619)

– iQOO 5 in 12/256 GB model: 4,598 yuan ($662)

– iQOO 5 Pro in 8/256GB model: 4,998 yuan ($720)

– iQOO 5 Pro in 12/256GB model: 5,498 yuan ($792)

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