Introducing the Honor X10 Max with a 7.09-inch screen, 5G support and a competitive price

Introducing the Honor X10 Max with a 7.09-inch screen, 5G support and a competitive price

Introducing the Honor X10 Max with a 7.09-inch screen, 5G support and a competitive price In the not so distant past, screen size was used as a measure for The user category and the price of mobile phones were considered, and among them, only advanced phones benefited from large screens; In the last one or two years, large screen sizes have become common even among low-end cheap models, and almost most of the mid-range and flagship models use screens larger than 6.5 inches. An example crosses this range; Brand Honor but on Thursday, July 2, 2020 (July 12 2019) a new model named X10 Max has been introduced, which has taken a step beyond this invisible border.

Making a smartphone With a screen larger than 7 inches, although at first glance it has no meaning except for an unreasonable increase in its dimensions and weight, and reducing the side margins and using wide screen ratios does not help this combination, but on the other hand, by emphasizing an untouched potential, It shows different uses that since the gradual disappearance of Android tablets, no specific solution has been provided to fulfill them. Among these important uses, it should be mentioned about multimedia and specifically watching videos, on a screen larger than a normal mobile phone, which, apart from the image, also has a power and quality beyond what we normally experience in the speaker of mobile phones. , needs. Honor in this regard also mentions another interesting user that It provides the possibility of using very large smartphones as a car entertainment and multimedia system (Infotainment System). Thus, by changing the traditional view of smartphones such as X10 Max, it is possible to benefit from them in new applications.

X10 Max This is not Honor’s first experience in this field, and in September 2018, it introduced a similar model in this category with the name 8X Max announced that it uses a 7.12-inch screen and is powered by Snapdragon 636 and battery 5,000mAh was equipped. Honor X10 Max, however, now offers more optimal conditions compared to the past, and although compared to the Honor X10 introduced last May, it seems a simpler example, but it has almost kept its modern and contemporary aspect.

The screen of the phone is 7.09 inches, which is smaller than

X10 Max in the field of rear cameras has also continued the previous trend of this company in the 8X Max model and only one camera with a depth of field sensor has been used here; The main camera on the back of the X10 Max is a 48-megapixel model with f/1.8 and supports 4K video recording, which uses digital image stabilization or EIS, and among them ultra-wide and macro cameras, which are found in many mid-range and even low-end phones these days. It is used, there is no news. The fingerprint sensor has no place in this part and apparently it has been moved to the right side and on the power button.

The selfie camera of the phone, which is located in the notch area above the screen, has only 8 megapixel resolution and lacks automatic focus, so at least on paper, there is no difference between this camera and the one in 8X Max.

The most important and fundamental change in the X10 Max, which makes the position of this model suddenly face a visible change, has occurred in the processing part of the device, where with the presence of the MediaTek MT6873 processor, which is called Dimensity 800 We know that not only will we get a much higher processing power than its previous generation, but also 5G network support (although in a slower sub-6GHz variant) will also be added to the device’s list of features.

In the structure of this processor, 4 cores of 2.0 GHz ARM Cortex-A76 and 4 cores of A55 are used with the same clock speed, and its graphics processing is also handled by four-core Mali-G57. Two options of 6 and 8 GB are considered for the RAM memory of the device, and the internal memory of the phone is also offered in two versions of 64 and 128 GB. Support for external memory cards in a combined form is also included in the list of features of this collection, although this card is considered to be Huawei’s exclusive NM Card, which, in addition to the volume limit of up to 256 GB, also offers more limited access than usual microSDs. .

Battery is mentioned as a basic factor in the level of user satisfaction with a mobile phone, and its importance seems more than ever in a sample as big as X10 Max. The battery in this model is a massive 5,000 mAh sample, which is no different from the 8X Max two years ago, but this time it is not only equipped with a faster 22.5-watt charger, but its connection port has also been upgraded to USB-C.

Honor X10 Max is offered to the market in three colors: black, silver and blue with Android 10 operating system and Magi UI 3.1 user interface. In the absence of Google services, users are required to use Huawei Mobile Services and store They will be exclusive to AppGallery. The prices considered for the X10 Max in the Chinese market are as follows, and there is no information about their possible presence in other markets.

– 6GB/64GB version equals 1,899 yuan (at the current exchange rate, it is close to 269 US dollars)

– 6GB/128GB version is 2,099 yuan ($297)

– 8GB128GB version is 2,499 yuan ($354)

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