Introducing the HomePod mini smart speaker, a smaller version of HomePod with a price of $99

Introducing the HomePod mini smart speaker, a smaller version of HomePod with a price of $99

Introducing the HomePod mini smart speaker, a smaller version of HomePod with a price of $99

News Unit After speculations and unofficial news about The new smart speaker Apple, the Cupertino giant finally on October 13 This year (October 22, 2019), next to Presentation of the iPhone 12 family at the event Online Hi, Speed, officially presented its new generation of smart speakers called HomePod mini. This speaker is actually a smaller version HomePod, which has been introduced for more than three years now. The new product, which is only 3.3 inches high, contains a variety of innovative technologies and will be available to consumers at an affordable price.

Apple’s new speaker is designed in a spherical shape and its outer part, like the HomePod, is made of a textured cover with the same The combination of gray (space gray) and white is made. At the top of this product, there is a small touch-sensitive part designed with backlight. In this section, there are keys for adjusting the volume and playing music, and it lights up when Siri is active. As mentioned, the HomePod mini has a height of about 3.3 inches, equivalent to 84.3 mm, which is less than half compared to the 172 mm height of the HomePod.

Apple S5 processor is used in the processing part of this smart speaker; The same processor as in Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 5 has seen it. Meanwhile, the Apple A8 chip was used to make the HomePod. Using the Apple S5 chip means that computational audio is active in this speaker. In this way, HomePod mini can continuously adjust the volume and dynamic range of the sound in real-time based on the content being played. In addition, apparently the new speaker will be compatible with the U1 UWB chip of iPhone phones by the end of this year, so that it can detect the distance or proximity of the phone, thus providing a unified experience with visual, auditory and tactile features to the user.

Apple has announced that by using the same acoustic principles as the HomePod, it has designed the new speaker in such a way that it creates a 360-degree sound output and listening experience for the user. In addition, a set of three microphones is considered in this product that can recognize the user’s voice to control Siri. There is also a fourth microphone facing inside the device, which helps to separate the sound of the speaker to improve sound recognition when playing music.

The smart assistant Siri of this speaker is able to recognize the voice of each member of the family and according to their taste music and Play the right podcasts. Each member of the family can also receive personal updates including news, weather and reminders daily by asking Siri “What’s my update”.

Naturally, HomePod mini with Other Apple products are integrated and for example if the iPhone Close to this speaker, suggestions for music and listening to audio files will automatically appear on the screen. You can also play these audio files through Apple TV or Mac.

The internal communication capability or Intercom is also one of the other features of this product, which can be used to send a message from one HomePod to another HomePod in the adjacent room or all rooms, or pair them together to play stereo sound. . The Intercom feature includes not only this speaker, but also other Apple devices and services, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods and CarPlay, and the possibility of sending internal messages (if the user is at home) or receiving notifications (when the user is present). outside the house) provides

Like all Apple products, HomePod mini also complies with It is designed with privacy and security in mind, and according to the company that makes this device, it will not send any voice data to the company’s servers until Siri is activated. Personal updates are also only available to users at home, and everything is stored, sent or received encrypted.

Among other features of this product, you can use the Siri shortcut key to give various commands, from preparing a cup of coffee to adding an item to the shopping list, playing environmental sounds such as the sound of rain, sea waves, and so on. Focus, relaxation or better sleep of the user, the option to find other Apple devices, search the web and send its results directly to the user’s iPhone, and set the notification bell with the music or radio station of the user’s favorite.

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