Introducing the Apple Watch Series 6 and the inexpensive Apple Watch SE

Introducing the Apple Watch Series 6 and the inexpensive Apple Watch SE

Introducing the Apple Watch Series 6 and the inexpensive Apple Watch SE

News unit : Apple a few hours ago on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 (September 25, 2019) during the Time Flies virtual event From a new generation of its hardware and software products unveiled, at the top of which is the new smart watch Apple Watch Series 6 was included with this watch as well as a smart watch A new one called Apple Watch SE too unveiled which, as you can guess from its name, is a cheaper smart watch compared to the original version. SE can be a more advanced watch from Apple Watch Series 5 considered that it will be available to enthusiasts at a reasonable price. This is the first time since 2016 that Apple has unveiled two watches at the same time.

Apple Watch Series 6

Design and specifications

Appearance and design Apple Watch Series 6 is unchanged compared to before and the same appearance as before is used here with a rectangular screen and side wheel and button. This model is presented in stainless steel chassis in the usual gray and gold colors, and this time two colors of blue and red Product Red are also offered in the aluminum body in this series, which offer high attractiveness.

An important change in the design of this watch belongs to its strap, which, if you wish, apart from the usual detachable straps, it is now offered in a new mode called Solo Loop, which uses a locking mechanism It is not news and closing and opening it is done as simply as possible. This strap is provided with high elasticity and is not a problem for swimming. This strap is also presented with a braided design (Braided Solo Loop).

Health-related capabilities

Possibilities and capabilities related to health in Apple Watch Series 6 has been in the focus of the manufacturers’ attention and many new features and improved options can be seen in it. At the top of these cases, it should be mentioned the possibility of measuring blood oxygen or VO2 Max, which can be considered as a measure to determine health. In this measure, the amount of oxygen absorbed in the body is measured at the moment and according to the user’s needs or imperceptibly during the day and night.

This process takes place in the new Apple watch with the help of four LEDs and four photodiodes placed in the back part, where the light of red, green and infrared LEDs shines on the blood vessels in the wrist. and photodiodes measure the amount of reflected light. Then advanced algorithms measure blood color as a measure of oxygen level. This operation is done in the Blood Oxygen application. In addition to following the sleeping process of the users, this watch also has the possibility of automatically detecting hand washing and also following the various sports activities of the users.

ECG detection and fall from height are also included in the list of health-related features of this watch as usual.

Processor and hardware

In the structure of Watch Series 6, a new dual-core processor called S6 is used, which according to Apple is 20% faster than the previous generation. In this model, the U1 chip is also used, which is connected to the antennas of Ultra Wideband wireless technology, and apart from the possibility of transferring files, it is possible to use the Apple Watch Series 6 as a digital key in different situations, for example, to open It provides the car door. The device’s always-on screen is now much brighter than before and offers high readability even on the sunniest days of the year. According to Apple, this brightness has increased two and a half times and a new option for momentary height reading has also been added to it.

Apple Watch Series 6 According to the manufacturing company, in the field of battery, it achieves the same previous record of 18 hours as Series 5, and this is while its battery charging speed has increased; Fully charging the battery of this watch takes less than an hour and a half.

Operating system and software capabilities

As expected, Apple’s new Apple Watch comes with watchOS 7 operating system, one of its most important features is called Family Setup; According to this feature, some features of the watch can be activated for children without the need for an iPhone; Among these cases, we can mention the School Time mode, which prevents children from getting distracted while doing homework. To access Family Setup in countries where this feature is provided, you need Apple Watch Series 4 or advanced with cellular capability.

A new service in the meantime is called Apple Fitness Plus, where workouts designed for the Apple Watch by “world-class trainers” are provided weekly. These exercises can be started on the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV and then synchronized with the movements that the Apple Watch records from the user. This service is offered at a price of $10 per month or $80 per year and will be available in six countries by the end of 2020.

In this model, as expected, several watch faces are also available, including Memoji face and GMT face, the latter of which displays different time zones at the moment. Chronograph Pro face is designed to show multiple time comparisons and in Typergraph face, three different modes for typing and 4 distinct scripts for displaying numbers are available. There are also watch faces for photographers, people working in the health sector and surfers in this collection.

Price – time in the market

Apple Watch Series 6 is already available for pre-order and its presence in the market is scheduled for Friday, September 18 (28 September 2019). The GPS aluminum version of this watch in 40 mm size is priced at $399 and for the larger 44 mm version of the same type, you have to spend $429. The cellular version of this watch in two sizes, 40 and 44 mm, is priced at $499 and $529, respectively. Stainless steel versions with special straps push that price up to nearly $1,500.

Apple Watch SE

As mentioned at the beginning Apple In addition to Watch Series 6, another watch with a better price has been unveiled this time, which Watch SE, which has the appearance and heart rate monitoring system along with the processor of the device from Watch Series 5 is borrowed, but the accelerometer sensor, gyroscope and height display on the screen Always on, similar to Watch Series 6. According to the manufacturer, the set of sensors of the device is also capable of detecting a fall from a height, which is one of the attractive features of Apple watches, and its sensitivity this time is enough to detect a fall from a low height of 1 foot (nearly 30 cm). It recognizes

Processing Watch SE is made with last year’s S5 chip (present in Watch Series 5) and in terms of screen, it is no different from last year’s model. This watch is also available for pre-order from today (September 15, 2020 equal to September 25, 2019) and will be released on the market from September 18 (September 28). The base price for the 40mm version of this watch is $279, and the 44mm version is priced at $309. By adding Cellular communication, the price of these two versions will increase to $329 and $359, respectively.

Apple also changed its previous decision to sell Apple Watch Series 3 and this watch, which is priced at 199 and 229 dollars in two versions of 38 and 42 mm, respectively, is its cheapest smartwatch. has changed Of course, this watch will apparently only be available in two combinations, i.e. silver aluminum with a white sports strap and gray aluminum with a black strap.

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