Introducing Red Magic 5G – the world’s first smartphone with a 144 Hz display

Introducing Red Magic 5G – the world’s first smartphone with a 144 Hz display

Introducing Red Magic 5G – the world’s first smartphone with a 144 Hz display

News unit Nubia brand is initially a subcategory of ZTE, but became an independent company in 2015. Nubia – which produces innovative products like nubia Alpha and nubia Z20 in its repertoire – officially entered the gaming field with the production of the Red Magic phone. Due to the good reception of the users, this company continues to sell Red Magic 3, Red Magic Mars and 3S to the market. Recently, on Thursday, March 12, 2020 (March 22, 2018), the Nubia brand released its latest gaming phone called nubia Red Magic 5G announced. This phone is considered the first smartphone of the fifth generation of Nubia. But what sets this phone apart from other gaming phones is the high refresh rate of its display.

Length and width Red Magic 5G measures 78 x 168.56 mm and is 9.75 mm thick. The body is apparently made of aluminum and the weight of the device is 218 grams, indicating a heavy smartphone. But the new design of the phone makes it stand out and screams that it is designed for gamers. The design language of Red Magic 5G is completely unique; The presence of a large X on the back gives the phone some personality. Underneath the Red Magic logo – etched in the center of this X – are RGB LEDs that emit light effects. The color scheme of Red Magic 5G also looks attractive; This phone is produced in three colors: black, red and a color called Cyber ​​Neon (combination of red and blue), except for black, the other two colors are less used in the smartphone industry.

On the right edge, in addition to the power and volume buttons, two capacitive touch buttons can be seen at the two ends of the edge (or, in other words, the shoulders of the phone). These buttons are sensitive to touch and some sources say their touch response rate is 300 Hz. In the introduction of these buttons, Nubia used the term “two-step actuation”, which seems somewhat confusing. Of course, considering that the introduction page of this product on Nubia’s website is in Chinese, this phrase may be the result of a mistake in translation.

Display Red Magic 5G is AMOLED and its aspect ratio is 19.5:9. The resolution of this display is 6.65 inches, full HD+ (equivalent to 1080 x 2340 pixels) and a fingerprint sensor is placed under its layer. As mentioned in the introduction, one of the exceptional features of 5G Red Magic is its refresh rate. Red Magic 5G is the world’s first smartphone with a 144 Hz refresh rate. Having said that, the display of the new Nubia phone – at least on paper – in terms of refresh rate, is better than the display of phones like the Galaxy S20 (with a rate of 120 Hz) and Black Shark 3 (with a rate of 90 Hz) is higher and in no way with displays whose refresh rate is 60 Hertz is not comparable.

Another important quantity for gaming phones is the touch response rate, which is declared as 240 Hz for Red Magic 5G. There is no mention of a screen protector. Like the previous models, there is no notch or hole here, and the front camera – with a resolution of 8 megapixels – is located on the upper edge of the screen.

In gaming phones, processing power comes first. Red Magic 5G with the most powerful processor in the smartphone industry – that is Snapdragon 865 – nothing short of that. This 8-core chip consists of 1 2.84 GHz core and 3 2.42 GHz cores (based on Cortex A77 processor architecture) and 4 1.8 GHz cores (based on Cortex A55 processor architecture) and its graphics processing unit is Adreno 650. Of course, according to Nubia’s claim, a custom graphics processor is used in this phone. However, more details of this claim have not been published.

In terms of RAM memory, this phone offers 8, 12 and 16 GB options to the user. 128 or 256 GB is considered for internal memory. The RAM of the phone is of LPDDR5 type and the internal memory is of UFS 3.0 type. Nubia has not specified whether the internal memory is upgradeable or not.

3 cameras on the back are arranged vertically in the middle. The main camera is 64 megapixels f/1.8 and uses the IMX686 sensor (product of Sony) benefits. An 8-megapixel wide-angle camera and a 2-megapixel macro camera are also added to the main camera. More details of the specifications of these cameras have not been published. In general, gaming phones are not very strong in terms of camera, and here too, despite the presence of a high-resolution main camera, you can’t expect a very bright performance.

A powerful 4,500 mAh battery with 55W fast charging seems suitable for providing heavy processing in this phone. Compatibility with Quick Charge 4.0 fast charging technology and Power Delivery 3.0 standard are other features of Red Magic 5G. It is interesting to know, on the left edge of the phone, there are 7 POGO pins, which, while charging the battery by connecting an external dock, can also help to improve and improve the uniformity of the Internet connection by providing an Ethernet connection. A sliding button is also seen on the edge of the device, which can be used to switch the phone from normal to “Gaming Mode”.

Like the previous models of Nubia gaming phones, Red Magic 5G is also equipped with an active cooling system, unlike other brands, here, in addition to liquid cooling, air flow is also used. The phone’s cooling system consists of a fan and a heat-sink chamber. The air inlet valve to this fan is located on the left edge and the outlet valve is located on the right edge, and its speed can reach 15,000 rpm. According to the manufacturer’s claim, this system can lower the CPU temperature up to 18 degrees Celsius. The interesting thing is that, when the battery is being charged with a maximum power of 55 watts, the cooling system is activated and while preventing the phone from heating up, it also speeds up the charging process.

As mentioned at the beginning, Red Magic 5G is the first Nubia smartphone that comes with fifth generation technology. Support for Wi-Fi 6, GPS with dual frequency and headphone jack are other communication features of the device. For better sound recording, 3 microphones are provided. The operating system of the phone is Android 10, and its internal menu is developed based on Nubia’s exclusive user interface – that is, Red Magic OS. According to Nubia’s claim, the user can record the gameplay with low latency while playing.

It is interesting to know, Nubia produces this phone in another version called Transparent Edition. Of course, the difference between this version and the original version is only in the appearance and the other specifications of the phone have not changed. The word Transparent indicates that the back cover of the phone is transparent and you can easily see the internal components of the phone through it. Of course, it is not unlikely that this transparency was just an appearance and the displayed internal components are decorative. Of course, in one of the videos published by Nubia, the rotation of the fan can be seen through the glass frame on the back of the phone. Therefore, it can be accepted that at least this part is really transparent. However, it is not unlikely that this video was also an advertising trick and was made and published for marketing purposes.

Smartphone nubia Red Magic 5G will enter the Chinese market from March 12 (March 22). The global supply of this product will begin in April. The price of this product in different configurations is as follows:

– 8GB/128GB model: with a price of 3,799 yuan, which is approximately equal to 543 dollars at the current exchange rate.

– 12GB/128GB model: 4,099 yuan ($586)

– 12GB/256GB model: 4,399 yuan ($629)

– 16GB/256GB model: 4,999 yuan ($715)

The transparent version of this phone is also available in only two configurations:

– 12GB/256GB model: 4,599 yuan ($658)

– 16GB/256GB model: 5,199 yuan ($743)

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