Introducing Mi Band 7 Pro – Xiaomi narrows the line between a smart bracelet and a smartwatch

Introducing Mi Band 7 Pro – Xiaomi narrows the line between a smart bracelet and a smartwatch

Introducing Mi Band 7 Pro – Xiaomi narrows the line between a smart bracelet and a smartwatch

News unit : Xiaomi is an established brand in the smart bracelet market – especially in the Asia and Europe region. Among Xiaomi’s masterpieces in this field, we can mention the release of Mi Band 6 in 2021, which, in addition to many features, had a very reasonable price. About a month ago, the updated version of this device with the title 12S Pro,Xiaomi 12S and 12S Ultra, unveiled its latest smart bracelet called Mi Band 7 Pro. Follow us by introducing this product.

This is the first time that Xiaomi for one of It offers its bracelets, the “Pro” model. Fortunately, this smart bracelet compensates for the major shortcomings of Mi Band 7 and its specifications have improved so much that it is not far from a smart watch.

Mi Band 7 Pro – ditching the pill-shaped display and replacing it with a rectangular screen (with rounded corners) – even looks more like a smartwatch than a smart bracelet. In Mi Band 7 Pro, Xiaomi has used an always-on AMOLED display with a diameter of 1.64 inches, which covers 70% of the surface of the body. A lot of different watch faces (more than 180 items) have been prepared for this bracelet. The display resolution is 280 x 456 pixels and gives a pixel density of 326ppi, which is usually called retina density.

The density of this display compared to the 1.62-inch display Mi Band 7 has not changed, but there is no doubt that the change of shape to the page The rectangular shape provides better space for displaying notifications and health data. The body of the device is made of powerful polymer and a special nano coating called NCVM is applied on it. The weight of the body without the strap is about 20.5 grams and its thickness is 11 mm. Its strap (made of thermoplastic polyurethane) is tied around the wrist in the same traditional way as holes and buckles. In addition to black and white colors, straps with various colors are also offered for this bracelet. Of course, aside from upgrading the appearance, Mi Band 7 Pro is equipped with features that were absent in the standard version.

First of all, perhaps the most important advantage of Mi Band 7 Pro compared to Mi Band 7 is that this new bracelet has GPS chip. In this way, unlike Mi Band 7 – which had to communicate with the phone’s GPS for positioning – positioning in Mi Band 7 Pro is completely independent of the user’s phone and supports only Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo, GPS and QZSS routers. Another advantage of the Pro version is that thanks to the ambient light sensor (which was absent in the standard version), the screen light is adjusted according to the ambient light. Another positive point is that the M Band 7 Pro is equipped with NFC, which enables contactless payments (where this feature is supported). Of course, it should be noted that Mi Band 7 was also launched in two models with NFC and without NFC.

According to Xiaomi , the 235 mAh battery in this bracelet will last up to 12 days under normal use and up to 6 days under heavy use (a full battery charge takes about an hour). Like many smart bracelets, the Mi Band 7 Pro can also track the user’s heart rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) throughout the day. If the user’s SpO2 level is high, it will be notified with an alarm. Checking the user’s sleep in an advanced way – by tracking the three stages of light sleep, deep sleep and REM – is also one of the features of this bracelet.

This bracelet has 117 training modes (including 10 running training modes). The most important of these modes are interval running to enhance skill levels, MIIT (moderate intensity training in short intervals) and aerobic endurance training. It is also possible to challenge your friends in the field of exercise and fitness and receive medals for your health achievements (such as the number of daily steps or the amount of calories burned). Not to mention, due to the bracelet’s water resistance (up to 5 atmospheres), it is also possible to use it for swimming exercises in the pool (provided that you don’t go deeper than 50 meters!).

Bracelet The smart Mi Band 7 Pro is produced in two colors, white and black, and the user can choose his favorite band from pink, orange, blue, green, black and white. If desired, the user can purchase each of these items separately for 39 Chinese Yuan (about 5 USD at the current exchange rate).

Two special straps in green (Van Gogh Green) and gray (Monet Gray) colors have also been designed for this bracelet, which has a leather appearance, and each one is sold separately at a price of 59 yuan (about 8 dollars).

Mi Band 7 Pro smart bracelet has officially entered the Chinese market since July 4 (July 13). This product is priced at 399 Chinese Yuan, which is approximately equal to 60 US dollars at the current exchange rate. It is true that the Pro version is slightly more expensive compared to the standard version, but it is still an affordable device with a high purchase value. There is no word yet about the international release of this bracelet, but if Xiaomi wants, the same procedure for Mi Band 7, probably within a Months after the release of the Pro version in China, we will see this product enter the world markets. Needless to say, this bracelet will be compatible with Android 6 and above as well as iOS 10 and above.

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