Introducing Honor Pad 8 – Honor’s 12-inch tablet with an all-metal body

Introducing Honor Pad 8 – Honor’s 12-inch tablet with an all-metal body

Introducing Honor Pad 8 – Honor’s 12-inch tablet with an all-metal body

News unit Friday, July 22, 2022 (July 31, 1401 ) was a busy day for Honor and the Chinese company unveiled several new products. One of these products is the latest Honor tablet named Honor Pad 8. This tablet can be a continuation of Honor Pad V7 was introduced by Honor last year. The highlight of the Honor Pad 8 is its 12-inch display, which makes it one of the largest Android tablets out there, and perhaps second only to Samsung’s giant tablets – including the +Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S8+,Tab S7 FE and Tab S8 Ultra – Honor Pad 8’s screen diameter is larger than any Android tablet this year. In the following, we will learn more about the specifications and features of this tablet. />

The Honor Pad 8 tablet looks very similar to Galaxy Tab S8 and Xiaomi Pad 5 has The metal body of Honor Pad 8 is one of the great advantages of this tablet. According to the manufacturer’s claim, the anodized sandblast process was used in the construction of the back of the body, which brings a beautiful appearance to this tablet. It should be noted that Honor Pad 8 is designed in dimensions of 6.9 x 174.06 x 278.54 mm and weighs 520 grams.

As mentioned, Honor Pad 8 has a 12-inch LCD (IPS type) and a resolution of 2K (equivalent to 1200 ×2000 pixels) brings its density to 195ppi. It should be noted that the lower screen resolution of this tablet compared to the Galaxy Tab S8 and Xiaomi Pad 5 naturally leads to a lower pixel density compared to these two tablets. The screen brightness is 350 nits.

Honor Pad 8 display covers 87% of the surface of the body and according to the manufacturer’s claim, it is the first 12-inch full-screen tablet in the industry. According to Honor, the screen of Honor Pad 8 is up to a third larger than 10.4-inch tablets and has a wider field of view. Honor’s new tablet has been approved by TÜV Rheinland to filter the blue light of the display and to protect the user’s eyes, it has been approved by the National Eye Engineering Center.

Honor in making this tablet from

A pill-shaped module can be seen on the back of the device, but this module only houses a 5-megapixel camera and there is no LED flash. Skin beautification, document photography, various filters and 1080p video recording are among the features of this camera. On the edge of the right edge of the tablet – which is 7.2 mm like the edge on the left – there is a selfie camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels. The reason for this is that when holding the tablet horizontally, the front camera is placed at the top.

The energy required by Honor Pad 8 is provided by a relatively powerful battery with a capacity of 7,250 mAh. According to Honor, this battery lasts up to 59 days in standby mode and up to 22 hours when playing video. Will have. This tablet comes with a 22.5W charger and it takes approximately 126 minutes to fully charge the battery. Needless to say, 8 stereo speakers have been prepared for this tablet, 4 speakers are responsible for playing the bass sound and the other 4 speakers play the bass sound.

Honor Pad 8 tablet with Android 12 and the proprietary user interface Magic UI 6.1 enters the market. This user interface provides a variety of features to the user, including Split Screen (split the screen into two equal parts), which is compatible with more than 6 thousand applications, and according to Honor, it is possible to divide the screen into 4 equal parts and run 4 applications at the same time. is also available. Another practical feature is the parental control mode, by which you can manage the type of applications used by children and the time they spend working with the tablet. The Education Center application (with a lot of educational content) is also installed by default on this tablet. Connecting to a printer and supporting a stylus (which must be purchased separately) are other features of this tablet.

The Honor Pad 8 tablet (at least for now) does not accept a SIM card and is only equipped with Wi-Fi. This tablet will be available in Morning Sun Gold, Dawn Blue and Mint Green colors. The supply of this product is currently exclusive to the Chinese market and its entry into other regions is not known. The price of different models of this tablet with the difference in the amount of RAM (including the current exchange rate) is as follows:

– 4GB model: 1,499 yuan ($222)

– 6GB model: 1,799 yuan ($266)

– 8GB model: 1,999 yuan ($296)

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