Introducing Galaxy Buds+ – Samsung’s newest all-Bluetooth earbuds with a more powerful battery and triple microphones

Introducing Galaxy Buds+ – Samsung’s newest all-Bluetooth earbuds with a more powerful battery and triple microphones

Introducing Galaxy Buds+ – Samsung’s newest all-Bluetooth earbuds with a more powerful battery and triple microphones

News unit : Company Samsung on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 (22 February 2018) during the Unpacked event – which was held in San Francisco was held – alongside the unveiling of the flagships of the series S20 also revealed the second generation of its all-Bluetooth earphones named Galaxy Buds+. The design of these headphones is largely similar to the previous Galaxy Buds model, but some aspects have been improved, such as increasing battery life, 2-way dynamic speakers, and improving call quality by adding another external microphone. But this new product is still deprived of active noise cancellation. That’s not a bad thing, though, because it keeps the price of the Galaxy Buds+ down.

Earbuds The new Samsung is designed in dimensions of 17.5 x 22.5 x 19.2 mm and weighs 6.3 grams. These headphones are sold together with a 39.6 gram pill-shaped charger case – with dimensions of 38.8 x 70 x 26.5 mm. So far, all dimensions and weights (not counting the 0.7g increase in weight of the AirPods Plus compared to the previous generation) are the same as the previous Galaxy Buds. Perhaps the only difference in this regard is their coloring. +Galaxy Buds will enter the market in black, white and blue colors, but in the color of the previous model, in addition to black and white, we saw yellow color.

One of the most important things that have been upgraded in new headphones is its battery. The battery capacity of Samsung Bluetooth earphones has increased from 58 mAh (in the previous model) to 85 mAh (in the Plus model). In the same way, in the case of the charger, we also see the upgrade of the battery capacity from 252 to 270 mAh. According to the manufacturer’s claim, the new earbuds can play music for up to 11 hours on a single charge, which can be increased to 22 hours with the charging case (compared to the battery life of the Galaxy Buds, which was less than 6 hours). Due to fast charging, when the battery is at zero, with just 3 minutes of charging via USB-C, you can use the headphones for about an hour.

One of the interesting points of Galaxy Buds+ is that the amount of battery storage of the earbuds and their charger case can be checked from the smartphone. Needless to say, due to the support for wireless charging, in addition to the charger case, Galaxy Buds+ can be charged by placing the earbuds on any charging pad compatible with the Qi standard. In addition, if the owner of one of the ,Note10 ,S10 and also Galaxy Fold and Z Flip , by activating the Powershare function, you can easily place these headphones on the back cover of the phone and charge them wirelessly.

According to some experts, the sound quality of the previous version of these headphones was not very satisfactory during calls. Therefore Samsung decided to transform this part as well. For this reason, in the construction of Galaxy Buds +, another external microphone has been added to the earbuds. In this way, Galaxy Buds + consists of 3 adaptive microphones: 1 internal microphone and 2 external microphones; According to Samsung, these microphones can block out the surrounding sounds during a conversation (although this claim cannot be confirmed until the product hits the market). It is interesting to know that, in Galaxy Buds+, the user has an option called ambient sound, which can be adjusted to adjust the amount of ambient sound entering the ear. This is a useful feature, especially in situations where the user needs to be aware of the sounds around them.

But as it was said at the beginning, one of the things that seems to be missing in Galaxy Buds is the “active noise cancellation” feature; The option that AirPods Pro (product of Apple ), 1000X (product of Sony) and some other models to They are proud to have it. Of course, this move lowers the price of Galaxy Buds+ and attracts more customers to this product. If Samsung wants to implement its previous procedure here as well, through advertising and providing incentives to customers, it will introduce the new earbuds as if this product is a complementary member of the flagships of the S20 series. Apparently, customers who pre-register for the S20 series flagships will receive a pair of Galaxy Buds+ as a gift.

Among other claims of Samsung is that the sound quality in Galaxy Buds+ has been improved, so that the manufacturing company has used the phrase “the best sound quality in this category” in its description. Samsung’s proof of this claim is the use of 2-way dynamic speakers. This speaker consists of a woofer – to play the bass sound – and a tweeter – to play the sound below – and on paper, it looks better than its “one-way dynamic” type. It is not bad to know that in this part, Samsung got help from AKG company.

The outer part of the earbuds is sensitive to touch and in this way you can issue various touch commands. A single tap on the earbud stops the music playback, and repeating this tap again resumes the playback. You can go to the next song by tapping twice. Of course, during a call, you can receive the call by making 2 taps and end it by repeating 2 taps. You can go back to the previous song by tapping 3 times in a row. This possibility is also provided so that the user can define another function for the earphone according to his needs. This custom command is issued by touch and hold. Of course, by default, by touching and holding the left earbud, the Spotify program (a popular application for music streaming) is launched.

According to the manufacturer, the new earbuds are compatible with Android devices (equipped with Android 5 and above). Of course, provided that these devices have at least 1.5 GB of RAM. iPhone users can also use the new Samsung headphones, because About a week before the official introduction of this product, the preview version of the companion app for Galaxy Buds+ was uploaded to the App Store.

Galaxy Buds+ enthusiasts can order this product from February 14 (25 February) through the Samsung website. The price of this product will be 150 dollars in the United States and 170 euros in Europe. As such, the Galaxy Buds+ are $20 (or €20) more expensive than the previous model of these earbuds.

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