Introducing Apple Watch Series 7 with a larger screen with less bezels and a more durable body

Introducing Apple Watch Series 7 with a larger screen with less bezels and a more durable body

Introducing Apple Watch Series 7 with a larger screen with less bezels and a more durable body

News unit : Company Apple on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 along with the introduction of iPhone 13 family also unveiled the seventh generation of Apple Watch smart watches; In Apple Watch Series 7 against flood Unrelenting rumors and unconfirmed news in recent months have not heard of a flat screen with smooth edges, and instead, the entire set and the sides of its new resistant glass are designed to be rounder and smoother. This watch does not have a new revolutionary possibility, but instead, it offers a larger display with almost the same dimensions as before thanks to less bezels. The new elements of the user interface and the provision of options such as the QWERTY keyboard are among other things to mention about this model.

Using softer and rounded corners is the first point to be made in the design of Apple Watch Series 7 pointed out that this feature is similar to what has been said about this smart watch in the last few months from almost all News sources are conflicting and while rumors pointed to a model with a flat screen with sharp corners, the Apple Watch Series 7 presents a completely different combination.

The screen of this model with the reduction of the peripheral margins without a big change in dimensions The whole device has become bigger and has adopted a full-screen form. Apple mentions its new smartwatch as the most durable product it has launched in this category. And it speaks of the stronger and more resistant crystal glass cover on the screen. For the first time, Apple Watch Series 7 uses the IP6X standard, which means it is resistant to dust and dirt. Of course, this watch is still waterproof as always and can be used in clear water with a depth of 50 meters.

Aluminum model Apple Watch Series 7, which Apple says is made entirely of recycled aluminum, will be available in 5 colors, including green, blue, Black, Red Product Red and a beige/silver color (called Starlight), some of which, including green, black and Starlight, are new colors.

In addition to the aluminum models, another more advanced and more expensive model It can also be ordered from the Apple Watch Series 7 with a stainless steel body in silver, gray and gold colors, and the most advanced member of this family also uses a titanium body. Win.

Apple Watch Series 7 One millimeter compared to Series 6 Bigger and available in 41 and 45 mm bodies

Changing the screen size without making a big change in the body dimensions is undoubtedly the most important new point in the structure of the Apple Watch Series 7. For this purpose, the entire display has been accompanied by a new design from the beginning, in which the peripheral edges have been reduced by 40% to only 1.7mm, and thus nearly 20% compared to Apple Watch Series 6 and more than 50% compared to Apple Watch Series 3 More space has been made available. This change, according to Apple, will enable you to fit 50% more text in the image compared to the 6 series. You can clearly see this difference in the image below.

With the bigger screen, a new way of communication is now available where you can write your sentences with the help of a full QWERTY keyboard that also supports swiping. Simply type and thanks to machine learning and the Apple QuickPath feature, the words the user is typing are predicted.

The always-on feature of the screen is also present in Apple Watch Series 7, but this time the brightness of the screen in indoor environments is increased by 70% and You can view the content of the display more easily.

With the screen space getting larger and the margins decreasing more and more, some new watch faces for This watch is designed to include modular watch faces that provide a lot of information and details.

Another one of these new watch faces is an analog clock in which the hour numbers are completely attached to the sides of the screen and In an animated view, the number associated with each hour is displayed larger and more prominent than the others.

Going through the above, Apple Watch Series 7 completely similar to its previous generation Series 6 is similar and the same processor as before and the same sensors as before in this are also used. The battery life of this watch has not changed and is still announced at 18 hours, but its charger, which now uses a USB-C port instead of a full-size USB port, according to Apple, is 33% faster and 8 minutes of charging will be enough for 8 hours of use. 45 minutes of charging in this way, according to Apple, will bring the Apple Watch Series 7 battery from zero to 80%.

Apple has also made changes at the software level and the watchOS 8 operating system, including better support for cycling. According to this new feature, cycling data on this platform will be collected more accurately from now on, and for example, breaks during exercise and when the athlete is stopped (for example, behind a red light) will be well identified. The fall detection option is now also available during exercise, and thus it can be used to provide assistance in case of an accident for a cyclist.

Apple’s Fitness Plus platform has also been accompanied by changes this time, including the addition of Pilates and the possibility of exercising with friends through SharePlsy.

Presentation time Apple Watch Series 7 The market has not been specifically announced by Apple and in this context only the fall of this year has been mentioned. The base price considered for this smart watch is unchanged at $399 as last year, and the price of the other two models Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch SE will also be $199 and $279, respectively, without any difference compared to last year.

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