Introducing AirTag – Apple’s new tool for smart tracking

Introducing AirTag – Apple’s new tool for smart tracking

Introducing AirTag – Apple’s new tool for smart tracking

News unit : Company Apple on Tuesday, April 20 of this year (April 31, 1400) along with introducing a diverse range of Its latest hardware officially unveiled a new device called AirTag, which is a kind of smart tracking tool and helps the owners of this company’s devices to find lost objects through the Find My application. AirTag is a small, circular device that attaches to personal items such as wallets, handbags, or keys and allows them to be searched. According to the American company, pre-orders for these tags will begin on April 23 and will cost $29 individually and $99 in four-packs.

Speculations about the existence of such a tool From Apple it goes back to about two years ago that this company unveiled the beta version of iOS 13. The name of AirTag was revealed a little later and simultaneously with the introduction of iOS 13.2. Of course, last year, Apple mistakenly published a video of this product on its official YouTube account and mentioned this name.

These tags are made of stainless steel and polished, and the Apple logo can be seen on its upper part. Various options for connecting to objects have been considered for this tool so that the user can connect them to various devices. Plus, they can be further customized, including emoticons.

AirTag connects to Apple’s Find My app on iPhone 11 and 12 series, which shows the tracker’s last known location on a map. If the tag attached to the object is in Bluetooth range, its internal speaker can be made to sound using the iPhone or Siri. If an AirTag is not nearby, it can be done using a combination of Apple using internal UWB technology “U1 chip and ultra-wide band technology or Ultra Wideband wireless technology tracked. Apple calls this process “precise detection,” and it uses input from the camera, ARKit, accelerometer, and gyroscope. In this way, the Find My program (in countries that support this network that have not limited ultra-broadband) can direct the user to the lost AirTag with a combination of sound and vibration feedback. In addition, if the AirTag is located further away, the user can put the device in “Lost Mode” and call other nearby devices to help find it through the Find My application network. AirTag also has the same functionality as Galaxy SmartTag + Samsung which can securely and anonymously use other phones to update its location.

According According to Apple, the tags produced also use low-power Bluetooth technology, which extends the life of the standard CR2032 battery to one year, and after it is finished, it is possible to replace the battery by the user. On the other hand, according to the Cupertino giant, this AirTag is resistant to water and dust and is compatible with the IP67 standard. This means that if it falls in the toilet, there will probably be no problem with the tag. However, you cannot expect the resistance and durability of an iPhone from it.

To protect privacy, Apple has arranged for the location data of these tags and their history to be physically stored inside the device. In addition, the communication through the Find My network is end-to-end encrypted to find the tag. Interestingly, if someone finds someone else’s lost tag, they can contact the tag owner using their iPhone or other NFC-compatible devices through a website.

At the time of releasing tags, Apple offered a wide range of accessories such as polyurethane rings (Polyurethane Loop) in white, navy, yellow, and orange ($29), brown and red leather loop ($39), and brown, red, and blue key rings ($35). . In addition, a joint collaboration between Apple and Hermès has been made to produce AirTag Hermès, which will provide engraved and customized tags, along with a diverse collection of leather accessories.

Kaiann Drance ), vice president of global iPhone marketing at Apple, referring to “We are happy to introduce AirTag and use the Find My network to bring this new and extraordinary feature to iPhone users and help them track and find important objects in their lives,” he said. AirTag is another way to use the power of Apple’s ecosystem with its unique design, object-finding experience, and built-in privacy and security features, enhancing the iPhone’s diverse capabilities. Paul has not been without challenges; Because, along with the copyright issues and the company’s mistake in releasing its official video on YouTube, AirTag has been brought before the US lawmakers as an example of Apple’s anti-competitive behavior.

Last year, executives from Tile, which makes devices and applications for finding lost objects, testified before the House Judiciary Committee about AirTags, calling Apple’s decision to launch its own version of the object finder as The new attempt of the American giant to be superior to the competitors. According to them, Apple devices can continue to track in the background without constantly asking for user consent. Plus, Apple’s tracker easily integrates with the Find My app, while other tags won’t.

After these regulatory reviews, Apple announced at its developer conference in June 2020 the expansion of the scope of the Find My program to non-Apple companies. However, a report from the Washington Post shows that Apple’s hand of friendship to others is not so sincere and the companies are forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement. In addition, Apple customers are said to be prevented from using competing devices at the same time.

Before the official release of the tags, Apple announced the launch of the Find My Network Accessory program, which officially opens the doors of cooperation for other manufacturers and applicants to access the Find My application. Among the first adopters of this program, we can mention S3 and X3 electric bicycles by VanMoof, completely wireless Soundform earbuds by Belkin, along with one of the tag competitors, ONE Spot by Chipolo. Of course, Tile is not among Apple’s new partners; Because it has a direct relationship with customers through its own iOS app and does not want to abandon this program to use the Find My app.

In general, what is certain is that Apple’s entry into the “search for lost things” market means the presence of a strong competitor for companies like Tile. is that even with the open approach of the Cupertino super company in the field of programs such as Find My, its severity is not reduced. In response, the Tile company has spoken about its plans to provide a dedicated UWB tracker, which will reach the production stage this year. In fact, Apple’s focus on the benefits of its ecosystem to offer products such as AirTag has led such companies to rely on competitive advantages such as greater diversity in the appearance of the device and support for multiple platforms.

AirTag pre-order will start on Friday, April 23 (May 3) and its release will begin a week later, on Friday, April 30 (May 10).

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