Introducing Air Glass, aR smart glasses from Oppo company with Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor

Introducing Air Glass, aR smart glasses from Oppo company with Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor

Introducing Air Glass, aR smart glasses from Oppo company with Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor

News unit : Company Oppo on December 14, 2021 (23 Azar 1400) on the first day of the INNO Day 2021 event, this company unveiled a new smart glasses called Air Glass Unlike almost all other augmented reality glasses, it works by shining the light of a projector on the glass of the glasses. Oppo calls this model an aR glasses, which, contrary to expectations, does not only refer to augmented reality or augmented reality, and the manufacturing company also uses the concept of assisted reality and extended reality to refer to it. This device puts a layer of useful information in front of people’s eyes with a special micro projector.

Oppo Air Glass, which should be considered a follow-up to the AR Glass concept glasses of the last two years Opo Dunst, of course, offers a relatively different experience compared to the previous two generations, and while the previous concept examples focused on providing an immersive content experience, in Air Glass , instant information related to the situation such as viewing the shopping list, point-to-point routing, simultaneous translation and other such things are provided.

This 30 gram glasses has two colors, white and black, the black version of which It looks like a real pair of glasses, but the silver version is designed as a monocular. The handle of these glasses, which looks completely larger than normal, the processing parts of the device, including the platform Snapdragon Wear 4100 is housed in it and all analytical and processing operations are done in this part. This processor, which was previously used in some smart watches such as TicWatch Pro 3 used provides high power, but in the field of battery consumption, we do not come across great numbers and with the display on, the battery only lasts for 3 hours will meet the needs of the device. This time reaches 20 hours in stand-by mode.

The story of this device becomes interesting when we go to the way of displaying information on the glass and lens of the glasses; Where a small projector called Spark Micro Projector projects information and images using micro-LED technology through a 5-stage lens to the glasses. With a size of 0.5 cc (something close to the size of a coffee bean), this projector is considered one of the smallest examples in this industry, but thanks to the micro-LED technology, there is no problem here with a high level of light and brightness, and with a brightness of 1,400 nits, in full environments. Roshan will probably be able to perfectly display the information on the lens of the glasses. The image resolution of this projector is 480×640 pixels.

In the structure of these glasses, two different types of content display are supported, in the first one, images with 16 shades of gray are formed, and the second is with 256 shades of gray, which offers higher accuracy. he does. Apart from touching the handle of the glasses, this set can also be controlled by voice and head movements (for example, opening or closing notifications displayed on the screen by shaking the head), and if the user has the Oppo Watch 2 smart watch, control the glasses. It is also possible with hand gestures.

The type of content that can be displayed in this panel is almost the things that can be immediately guessed, including weather conditions, routing options, clock and calendar. One of the other interesting features of these glasses is the possibility of teleprompter (Teleprompter) in it, with the help of which, during a performance or presentation, you can see the writings that are needed while speaking in front of your eyes.

To make these glasses as practical as possible, an automatic translation option is also considered for it, during which two people who both wear these glasses can see the simultaneous translation of the other party’s sentences in front of them. Initially, this feature is only available for translation between English and Mandarin Chinese, but Korean and Japanese languages ​​are also supposed to be added to this group for translation against Mandarin Chinese in the future. According to the manufacturing company, the SDK of these glasses is going to be available to developers soon, and thus the way to define new users for this model will be smooth.

Oppo Air Glass smart glasses are going to the Chinese market in the first quarter of 2022 It will be released and requires the Smart Glass application (present in Oppo Watch 2) and any smartphone of this company with ColorOS 11 user interface to work. There is no official information about the possibility of selling these glasses in other markets and the price considered for them in the Chinese market.

Presence Oppo takes place in this market while big names like Meta, Amazon, Snap, Razer and Bose have already appeared in it, and the name Apple also talks about the high importance of this category in the rumors.

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