Intel Core i5 12400 can beat Core i9 11900K in benchmarks

Intel Core i5 12400 can beat Core i9 11900K in benchmarks

Intel Core i5 12400 can beat Core i9 11900K in benchmarks

400 series Intel always from Economic processors and the cheapest versions of Core i5 in each generation, which, as usual, by upgrading and progressing in each generation, have been able to perform better than their higher-end processors from the previous generation; But the 12th generation version has not only taken steps beyond the usual upgrades, but apparently has been able to perform better than all the processors of the previous generation, which is considered a kind of miracle for an economic processor in this category.

  • First Chip Benchmark Core i5-1250P speaks of its high processing power.
  • He announced the increase in processor power until 2025

according to Wccftech According to the disclosed information and benchmarks, the Intel Core i5 12400 processor with a price of 180 dollars has been able to beat the flagship of the previous generation of Intel, i.e. Beat Core i9 11900K with much less energy consumption and about 3 times lower price; A processor that can become the “most affordable” gaming processor in 2022, which is considered a novel and very heavy title for a processor of this Intel series. Benchmarks indicate that the Core i5 12400 beats even AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600X from the rival team.

Twitter user Chi11eddog Screenshots of Core i5 12400 performance vs. i9 11900K published in benchmarks:

Inter Core i5 12400 (maximum power consumption in turbo mode is limited to 117 W) single core turbo frequency of 4.4 GHz and frequency of all cores in turbo mode Turbo 4.0 GHz with two 16GB DDR5-4800 RAM modules

Intel Core i9 11900K with four 8GB DDR4-2666 RAM modules

Motherboard: MSI B660 Mortar

Graphic card: GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Gaming X Trio 8G

Processor cooler: MSI MAG CORELIQUID C240

Windows 11

Core processor The i5 12400 is designed with 6 cores and 12 threads, all of which are Golden Cove or P-cores, from 18MB of L3 cache, a base clock speed of 3.0 GHz, and It uses a maximum clock speed of 4.6 and has a power of about 65 watts, which with these specifications can be on the same level as AMD Ryzen 5 5600X; But with the price of the basic model, it reaches 210 dollars and the model without graphics reaches 180 dollars.

However, the RAM used in the test of the two processors was not even close to each other, and the 1440p resolution cannot challenge the processors as well as the 1080p resolution, and the maximum difference is to show But we still cannot ignore these results and the performance of Core i5 12400; Because the difference in category, price, consumption and temperature of two processors leaves no room for discussion. Even with DDR4 RAM, Core i5 12400 will be worth a lot more than Core i9 11900K and other previous generation Intel processors, and the inconsistencies and flaws of the benchmarks are not an issue that can change this.

Possible specifications of next generation processors 12 Intel

Core i9-12900K

number of cores crisp base frequency / single core boost P boost frequency of all cores P Base frequency / single core boost E Boost frequency of all E cores L3 cache PL1 base power consumption Maximum power consumption PL2 Price
Core i9-12900KS 16(8P/8E) 24 3.2 / 5.2 5.2 2.4 / 3.9 3.7 30MB 125W TBC TBC
16(8P/8E) 24 3.2 / 5.2 5.0 2.4 / 3.9 3.7 30MB 125W 241W $599
16(8P/8E) 24 2.4 / 5.1 TBA 2.4 / 3.9 TBA 30MB 65W ~200W 520 $ / $500(F)
Core i9-12900T 16(8P/8E) TBA / 5.1 TBA TBA TBA 30MB TBA TBA
Core i7-12700K 12(8P/4E) 20 2.1 / 5.0 4.7 2.7 / 3.8 3.6 25MB 125W 190w $419
Core i7-12700 12(8P/4E) 20 2.1 / 4.9 TBA 1.6 / TBA TBA 25MB 65W 190w $360 / $330(F)
Core i7-12700T 12(8P/4E) 20 TBA / 4.9 TBA TBA TBA 25MB 65W 190w
Core i9-12600K 10(6P/4E) 16 3.7 / 4.9 4.5 2.8 / 3.6 3.4 20MB 125W 150w $299
Core i5-12600 6(6P/0E) 12 3.3 / 4.8 4.4 N/A N /A 18MB 65W ~200w $240
Core i5-12500 6(6P/0E) 12 3.0 / 4.6 TBA N/A N/A 18MB 35W TBA $220
Core i5-12500T 6(6P/0E) 12 TBA / 4.4 TBA N/A N/A 18MB TBA TBA
Core i5-12400 6(6P/0E) 12 2.5 / 4.4 4.0 N/A N/A 18MB 65W ~150W $210 / $180(F)
Core i5-12400T 6(6P/0E) 12 2.5 / 4.4 TBA N/A N/A 12MB 65W TBA TBA
Core i3-12300 4(4P/0E) 8 2.5 / 4.4 TBA N/A N/A 12MB 60W / 58W(F) ~100 TBA
Core i3-12200T 4(4P/0E) 8 TBA / 4.2 TBA N/A N/A 12MB 35W TBA TBA
Core i3-12100 4(4P/0E ) 8 3.3 / 4.3 TBA N/A N/A 12MB 60W / 58W(F) ~100w $140 / $110(F)
Core i3-12100T 4(4P/0E) 8 TBA / 4.1 TBA N/A N/A 12MB 35W TBA TBA
Pentium G7400 2(2P/0E) 2 3.7 N/A N/A N/A 6MB 46W TBA $80
Celeron G6900 2( 2P/0E) 2 3.4 N/A N/A N/A 4MB 46W TBA $60

The Core i5 12400 processor can be considered the best option in its price range in the absence of the next generation AMD Ryzen processors; But in the end, it should be seen at what price it will be officially available in stores, and finally, the stock and price of DDR5 RAM will reach a state where the Core i5 12400 can reach its maximum performance like the benchmarks above, or the price of the previous generation Intel processors will drop so much that Along with production and distribution problems, it can discourage consumers from buying this processor.

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