Information about laptop processors was leaked

Information about laptop processors was leaked

Information about laptop processors was leaked

Intel company will present its new desktop processors on August 21 and various rumors and news in this field have been heard for months, and most of these news are about Coffee Lake desktop processors; But now details about the 15-watt laptop processors have been leaked.

Although the new processors have inherited the 14nm manufacturing technology from 3 generations ago, there is at least one major change. Are. 8th generation U series processors will use 4 cores and 8 threads instead of 2 cores and 4 threads; But their consumption power will be 15 watts. This, at least in multithreaded applications, will lead to an increase in the ratio of efficiency to power consumption. In the table below, you can see the specifications of the 8th generation laptop processors next to the previous generation processors:


2.3 GHz

Specifications of U series Core i7 and Core i5 processors
7th Generation 8th Generation
Cores Freq +
L3 Price Cores Freq +
i7-7660U 2/4 2.5 GHz 4 MB $415 i7-8650U 4/8 1.9/? GHz 8 MB $409
i7-7560U 2.4 GHz $415 i7-8550U 1.8/4.0 GHz $409
i5-7360U 2/4 3 MB $304 i5-8350U 4/8 1.7/? GHz 6 MB $297
i5-7260U 2.2 GHz $304 i5-8250U 1.6/3.4 GHz $297

All 4 chips The new ones use 4 cores with multi-threading support, which means support for up to 8 threads at the same time. Also, the price of these processors is the same as the previous generation processors; Therefore, the products that will be presented with these processors should not have a big price difference with Kaby Lake products.

The name of Core i3 U series processors and M series processors (with 4.5 W power consumption) is not seen in this list; But it seems that Intel will publish information about these processors in the coming days.

While the number of cores and cache memory in these processors has doubled; But their working frequency has decreased.

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Although the specifications of these processors are known on paper, what information is available about their performance in the real world? Thanks to tests conducted by Laptop Media, the Core i7-8850U seems to outperform Intel’s dual-core, 15W Core i7-7500U from last year. The 8850U even outperformed the Core i5-6300HQ processor, which is a 45-watt quad-core processor, in most tests.

The newer 45-watt Core i5-6300HQ processor The i7-7700HQ is more efficient than the 8850U; But knowing that this processor is comparable to the 45-watt processors 2-3 years ago is not without grace.

Of course, the performance of the processors depends on the applications Usage is different. Laptop Media has only run a handful of tests and tested a small number of games that run well when using HD resolution and low graphics settings. The Core i7-8550U processor has an Intel HD 620 graphics card; But if you want to have a laptop with dedicated Nvidia or AMD graphics card, you will have better performance in games.

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