In response to Geekbench’s claims, Xiaomi has implicitly confirmed limiting the performance of apps

In response to Geekbench’s claims, Xiaomi has implicitly confirmed limiting the performance of apps

In response to Geekbench’s claims, Xiaomi has implicitly confirmed limiting the performance of apps

After many controversies about the GOS service on Samsung phones and application performance drops , it is said that Xiaomi is probably using a similar method on its smartphones.

John Poole, the co-founder of Geekbench, had previously claimed on Twitter that Xiaomi is doing the same as Samsung based on the names of the apps and their performance. limits Poole said that changing the name of the Geekbench app to Fortnite caused the Mi 11 single-core score to drop by nearly 30% and the multi-core score to drop by 15%. Slow. >Gizmochina, Xiaomi has released a statement in response to John Poole’s controversial claim. In its statement, Xiaomi says it applies temperature management strategies to ensure optimal product experience; Especially in heavy applications that are often used for a long time.

Xiaomi continues to say that the company offers three performance modes on many of its devices so that users can manage the balance between processing power and energy consumption at the system level. . According to Xiaomi, all optimizations related to the performance of the application are done by examining many basic factors such as energy consumption, performance and temperature effect. In general, it seems that Xiaomi did not directly deny the claim of the co-founder of Geekbench and said clearly in its statement. which uses temperature management strategies in its devices to manage the device’s energy consumption and ultimately provide optimal performance to the user. Therefore, it seems that Xiaomi is also taking similar steps as Samsung to limit the functionality of apps.

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Xiaomi also seems to be trying to say that performance limitations can be largely circumvented through internal modes of the company’s phones. Using the highest processing power mode prioritizes power and increases energy consumption much more; Therefore, if you feel that your phone does not perform optimally in running applications and games, you know what to do.

This important point should not be forgotten that the three performance modes are specific to phones that have a flagship chip. Therefore, Xiaomi’s system for restricting the performance of apps based on their name is probably only applied to premium phones.

Last month, Geekbench decided to remove a number of Galaxy S series phones in response to the performance of Samsung’s GOS system. Delete your chart. It remains to be seen how this benchmark reacts to Xiaomi phones.

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