iFixit announced the autopsy results of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro

iFixit announced the autopsy results of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro

iFixit, which operates in the field of repairing electronic equipment, has published the result of the first version of the new 13-inch MacBook Pro dissected. The results of this dissection indicate that the device with parts including the latest processor 8th generation Intel, True Tone display, Touch Bar, Touch ID and Apple ‘s T2 security chip have been revamped.

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These results, a large battery It shows 58.2 watt-hours inside the device, which is slightly larger than the battery of the previous generation MacBook Pro with a capacity of 54.5 watt-hours. iFixit sees the reason for the increase in battery capacity, keeping the 10-hour charge time of previous MacBooks and creating enough energy to operate the touch bar, Touch ID and the T2 chip.

According to iFixit’s report, it seems that Apple, in order to create Space For Touch ID, next to the touch bar, it is forced to use a smaller heat sink. The size of the speaker in front of the cooler has also been reduced.

While the previous generation of 13-inch MacBook Pro uses modular SSD memory, the storage space in its new model is integrated and cannot be replaced. Of course, according to this website, tools such as the Thunderbort port and speakers are replaceable. This device is on the production line along with other new MacBook Pro models.

As confirmed earlier last week, this notebook is from the third generation of butterfly keyboards with updated composite materials like all the new Apple MacBook Pros launched in the month were introduced, it benefits. Apple also promises that this keyboard is more reliable than previous products. Like other new MacBooks, this product also received a low score from iFixit due to the difficulty of its repairs; Concerns about soldered storage and RAM, Pentalope’s proprietary screws, and a non-user-replaceable battery were raised in the report. The only positive point of the new MacBooks in terms of repairability and placement of parts is the replacement of the touch bar without the need to move the battery.

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