If the new European Union bill is approved, Apple must provide the possibility of sideloading the application

If the new European Union bill is approved, Apple must provide the possibility of sideloading the application

If the new European Union bill is approved, Apple must provide the possibility of sideloading the application

According to the new EU bill, Apple will be forced to allow users to install apps outside of the App Store. This issue is one of the conditions of the initial draft of the Comprehensive Digital Markets Bill (DMA), which was one step closer to final approval and becoming a law last week. The EU spokesperson confirmed that the sideload licensing requirement is still part of the DMA clauses. We believe that the owner of a smartphone should have freedom of action in how to use it. This freedom of action also includes the possibility of choosing alternative sources for installing the application. With the Digital Markets Bill, the smartphone owner will still be able to use the safe and secure services of the default App Store. In addition, if the user wishes, he can go to other secure app stores.

In addition to different app stores, Apple should provide the possibility for users to install apps outside the store (sideload) and allow developers to use the App Store without using Apple’s payment system.

The digital markets bill has not yet been approved by the European Parliament; But it is expected that this process will take place without any particular difficulty. Therefore, the DMA bill will probably be implemented from October this year. After the implementation of the bill, EU members will decide how to interpret it as a national law.

Apple has strongly opposed the idea of ​​sideloading the iPhone in the past, considering it to be the reason for the loss of the security of its platform. did. Last year, Apple published a report in this regard that “issuing sideload licenses reduces the security of the iOS platform and exposes users to serious security risks, both in different stores and in the App Store itself.” Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, also considers sideloading to be “the cause of the destruction of iPhone security”.

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Although Mac users have been able to install applications from sources outside the official Apple store for years, Cupertino residents say that this solution is not suitable for the iPhone; Because the iPhone has more sensitive information in its heart.

It goes without saying that there are many solutions by which some specific users are able to sideload the application. AltStore installs a separate store entirely on the iPhone, and Apple’s Enterprise Apps program allows companies to install custom apps. Developers also often use TestFlight to distribute apps that have not received full approval from the App Store.

The European Union believes that Apple can reduce its security concerns by providing users with a choice; So that users can choose from which source they want to install their apps from within the phone settings. Google now provides similar settings to allow users to install applications from unknown sources.

Apple says in response to the Digital Markets Bill:

Some clauses of the Digital Markets Bill, It creates unnecessary privacy and security vulnerabilities for our users, and some clauses also prohibit us from charging for a portion of our intellectual property in which we have invested heavily.

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