Huawei’s new patent; Recording a 3D image of a face with a smartphone camera

Huawei’s new patent; Recording a 3D image of a face with a smartphone camera

Huawei’s new patent; Recording a 3D image of a face with a smartphone camera

Huawei has just filed a patent publicly, according to which a smartphone with a triple camera can record 3D images for face and skin analysis with high accuracy. Based on what Huawei Central writes , the new patent clearly shows that the Chinese have creative ideas for the future of the mobile industry.

To better understand what Huawei explains in its new patent, one of the well-known designers of concept models, Technizo Concept, has made a series of renderings. It is designed based on the patent of a Chinese company.

Huawei is having a hard time in the midst of US sanctions and is struggling with many challenges to use the latest technologies in the world in its products. Despite all the problems, Huawei’s research and development department does not stop trying.

Huawei’s latest patent titled “Appearance and Electronic Device Analysis Method” was filed on July 21, 2021 (July 30, 1400) in the World Intellectual Property Organization. Registration has been received. Huawei Centralsays Huawei’s new patent consists of 43 pages and was first approved by the World Intellectual Property Organization in late December. The details of the patent show that Huawei can use it in practice in various ways.

According to what we see in the renderings, the back panel of the Huawei phone has a large module for the camera that has a circular form and inside it a triple camera set and LED flash. It is visible. Two of the cameras are located in the same direction, and the third camera is placed in the upper part of the back panel in such a way that it has an equal distance with the other two cameras.

Inside the camera system of the mentioned Huawei phone, we see a small screen that can be The role of the viewer for the camera will appear. This display assigns a score to different facial elements such as skin. Also, recommendations are provided by this display to get the right pose in front of the camera.

Apparently, the Huawei phone camera has the ability to record a 3D model of the user’s face, and during the process of recording the image, it displays several instructions so that face recognition is done completely. At the same time, the user can turn his face in the desired direction through the touch screen to accurately examine a part of the face. Leave blackheads, colored spots, skin redness, etc. available to the user. The camera will even be able to detect the depth and size of the pores.

  • Huawei’s new patent refers to a smartphone with a curved screen and touch-sensitive edges
  • Huawei’s new patent shows the use of a wraparound display

Keep in mind that tech companies typically file many patents, some of which we will never see in a real product. At the moment, we do not know if Huawei will mass produce this idea in the form of a real product. However, we should not forget that smartphones and wearable gadgets have shown more attention to skin and body health over time, and it is not unlikely that Huawei will implement its own idea.

Some information shows that it is possible that Huawei will implement its new idea. In the form of a side product such as a smart mirror. In this case, Huawei’s smart mirror will be able to work independently or in cooperation with the user’s phone. There is even the possibility that we are on the side of a detachable camera from Huawei; A camera that may work independently.

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