Huawei, the number one brand in the smartphone market in the second quarter of 2020 – Samsung in second place

Huawei, the number one brand in the smartphone market in the second quarter of 2020 – Samsung in second place

Huawei, the number one brand in the smartphone market in the second quarter of 2020 – Samsung in second place

News unit Canalise Research Institute on Thursday, July 30, 2020 (August 9, 2019) a new report of the global smartphone market published according to which the company Huawei in the second quarter of 2020 with the shipment of 55.8 million smartphones, despite a 5% decrease compared to the same time last year. It has become the new number one of the mobile world. According to Canalys, this is the first season in the last 9 years that a brand other than or Samsung achieves this title . Huawei’s success in the meantime takes place while the company’s main competitor, Samsung, has experienced a free fall of 30% compared to the second quarter of 2019 with the release of 53.7 million smartphones.

The current location of Huawei At the top of the list of smartphone suppliers in 2020, it is more important than before because this company has been under extensive sanctions by the US Department of Commerce since May last year >placed and according to the Canaliz report, its global supply in the second quarter of 2020 has decreased by 27% mainly because of this reason. Of course, Huawei’s solution to escape this crisis was not so complicated and unexpected, and in a short period of time, by focusing the supply of its products on the domestic market, it has largely compensated for the losses caused by creating restrictions in the global markets. According to this report, the supply of Huawei smartphones in the Chinese market in the second quarter of 2020 increased by 8% compared to the previous year, and more than 70% of the brand’s smartphones are now sold in China itself.

Huawei’s current position at this point (achieved despite a 5% year-on-year drop in supply) can also be attributed to the poor performance of its competitors due to the widespread coronavirus crisis, where China is earlier than other countries from The broad shadow of the restrictions of this disease has been removed and with the restart of consumer markets and production factories, conditions have been provided for the improvement of the situation of Chinese brands, especially Huawei.

Ben Stanton, the senior analyst of the Channelize Group, while describing this result as significant and pointing out that few people would have predicted this day last year, adds: “If This [happened] would not have happened without COVID-19. Huawei has taken full advantage of China’s economic recovery to re-establish and strengthen its smartphone business. Samsung A very small presence with a market share of less than 1% in China has and [on the other hand] has seen the destruction of its main markets such as Brazil, India, America and Europe due to the spread of [coronavirus] and the consequences of the resulting closures.

In this regard, Mo Jia from Canalys analysts says: “Getting the first place is very important for Huawei [and this issue] is important to show the strength of the Huawei brand to domestic users, component suppliers and developers. has it. It [the company] needs to convince them to invest, and it will be announcing its success loud and clear over the coming months. But it will be difficult [for the company] to maintain Huawei’s leading position in the long term [because] its major partners in key regions, including Europe, have been increasingly cautious about Huawei devices, bringing in new brands and offering more limited models [ from Huawei] are moving in the direction of risk reduction. “Strength in China alone will not be enough to keep Huawei in first place [in smartphone markets] once the global economy begins to recover.”

Almost at the same time as this report, the Counterpoint research institute also released its latest report on the amount of smartphones supplied to the market during the second quarter of 2020 Published. According to this report, the number of phones released this time reached 271.4 million devices, which with an annual decrease of 24%, indicates the fastest rate of decline in recent years. In Counterpoint’s report, Huawei is mentioned as the new number one brand in the mobile world, which, despite the US sanctions, has passed Samsung has secured the first place in the list of smartphone suppliers in the second quarter of 2020.

In this regard, Tarun Pathak (Tarun Pathak), director of the Counterpoint Research research group, once again success Huawei at this time owes it to the conditions of China as the largest market for the brand’s products and to the faster recovery of the country’s economy compared to other markets, including Europe, Latin America and North America have spoken. Pathak adds: “Smartphone shipments in China have experienced a 17% year-on-year decline, which is a more balanced decline than the rest of the world with a 28% year-on-year decline. [In this situation] Huawei [which] continues to have a colorful presence in China has benefited from this recovery. The company currently has nearly half (47 percent) of the Chinese market, which alone translates to 71 percent of Huawei’s total shipments, compared to 62 percent last year. However, Huawei’s shipments outside of China have fallen by 29% year-on-year. “Huawei has performed well in some Eastern European markets, such as Russia and Ukraine, but it will be difficult for Huawei to maintain this leading position in the coming seasons when the markets outside of China improve.”

According to this report, in the second quarter of 2020, Huawei managed to increase its market share from 16% with the release of 54.8 million smartphones compared to 56.6 million phones presented at the same time last year despite a 3% drop. Last year, it increased to 20% and was placed in the first place of this table. After Huawei, Samsung shipped 54.2 million phones, which is nearly 29% less than the 76.3 million smartphones shipped in the second quarter of last year. iPhones provided by Apple this time to 37.5 million The device has reached 1 million devices more than the previous year and while maintaining the third position, the market share of this brand has also increased from 10 to 14 percent. After these three companies, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Lenovo (including Motorola), Realme, LG and Tekno are in the fourth to tenth positions and together account for 89% of all smartphone shipments in the world.

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