Huawei Nova 9 soon in the USAian market

Huawei Nova 9 soon in the USAian market

Huawei Nova 9 soon in the USAian market

Huawei Nova 9 smartphone will soon enter the USAian markets with Huawei’s official warranty. This product is a combination of an attractive design along with excellent camera and screen performance and practical features such as a strong battery and Huawei Supercharge capability. In designing the body of this product, Huawei has used glass for the back frame and the combination of sky blue and purple colors has given it a very attractive appearance. Also, the countless shiny particles in this color combination make the Nova 9 look like a galaxy when illuminated. The design of the camera frame also helps to induce this feeling to the user. In a way, this oval frame containing two circles was inspired by the fields around the stars.

This completely unique camera frame design makes the phone very special and attractive in your hands. The Nova 9 mobile phone with a glass frame, a very slim body design of 7.77 mm and a weight of 175 grams conveys a very pleasant feeling to your hands. Of course, it should be noted that this product will also be available in black.

Nova 9 screen is one of its main advantages compared to other competitors. The 6.57-inch OLED screen with curved edges, which you can only find in flagship models, and in this price category or even more expensive, there is no competitor for Nova 9 in the market of our country. FHD image resolution along with 120Hz refresh rate and 1.07 billion color display capability make the images displayed on the screen very vivid, clear and bright, and its performance is very smooth and without lag. In addition to the daily use of the phone, this feature can show its superiority when watching various video content and playing exciting and up-to-date games.

The main camera of the Nova 9 consists of four modules, Main 50 megapixel Ultravision, 8 megapixel ultra wide camera, 2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel depth sensor. The main thing about the main camera is that it uses the RYYB standard, which captures warmer and more eye-catching images compared to cameras with the RYB standard. Also, the large size of the sensor has made the amount of light received by the lens up to 40% higher than similar models. Finally, the Huawei XD Fusion image processor processes the recorded images and increases its final quality using software algorithms so that you can finally capture very attractive images with the Nova 9. The selfie camera is a 32 megapixel portrait camera that has the ability to take high-quality selfies with high clarity and brightness. But perhaps the most attractive feature of the Nova 9 camera is the ability to simultaneously activate the main and selfie cameras during video recording or video calling. You can also switch between the main camera and the selfie camera instantly while filming, without interrupting your filming process. This feature will be very useful and attractive for video content producers in social networks and virtual space.

Huawei in this product uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 778G chip with an 8-core central processor along with 8 GB of RAM and 128 Gigabytes of internal memory used. The battery of Nova 9 is of lithium polymer type with a capacity of 4300 mAh, which uses Huawei’s 66W supercharge capability. The noteworthy point here is that Huawei has placed a 66-watt charger along with a 6-amp cable inside the box of this product so that the user can fully benefit from the very high speed of 66-watt supercharge from the moment of purchasing the product. By using this charger, the phone is charged from zero to 60% in just 18 minutes, and it charges from zero to 100% in just 38 minutes.

Nova 9 from the system The Android operator uses the EMUI 12 user interface, which has a very smooth operation and creates a very good integration with other Huawei products and other brands. This operating system uses many features for connection, use of widgets and customizations and provides the user with an unparalleled work experience. Also, Nova 9 supports Huawei’s Super Device feature and due to the NFC chip, it has the possibility of wireless connection to other Huawei products, including laptops, monitors and printers of the company.

This product can be It is called a mid-range mobile phone, but in terms of features, design and build quality, it is completely at the level of a high-end phone. Therefore, Nova 9 has a very high purchase value and can be an excellent choice for demanding users.

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