Huawei nova 9 SE launch event was held

Huawei nova 9 SE launch event was held

Huawei nova 9 SE launch event was held

During an online event on May 6, Huawei introduced the new Nova 9 SE phone. This event was held focusing on the full introduction of this phone, its hardware features and of course its excellent camera performance, as well as the announcement of special pre-sale conditions with attractive gifts. At first, Babak Fayaz, the deputy representative of Huawei in USA, gave a brief introduction to the different series of Huawei phones and examined the special features of each of the Mate, P, Y and nova series. In short, the Y series is derived from the word Young for young people with an attractive design and economical price.

P series is the beginning of the word Photography and this Huawei flagship is designed and built based on advanced photography features and has always been assigned the highest ranks among all phones in the field of photography. He went on to introduce the Mate series, which is derived from the word Ultimate. Phones designed for business and educational applications and generally people who need a powerful phone with a large screen and a great camera. Finally, the nova series was examined, which are innovative and attractive models inspired by the word Innovation in their naming.

Continued by Mehrad Karimi, the product manager of the company Focusing on the Nova 9 SE model, Huawei examined this new and attractive product in more detail. According to him, four prominent features can be mentioned for this phone, which are the main 108 megapixel camera, the ability to record videos in Vlog mode, the excellent performance of the battery with the ability to charge 66 watts, and the high-quality screen with very narrow margins.

Then Reza Nasiri, one of the activists in the field of photography, carefully examined the camera of the Nova phone. 9 SE and its photography and video recording capabilities. Capabilities including High-Res photography with the main lens, super macro photography from a distance of four centimeters from the subject, photography at night with the Night-Mode feature and photography with a wider coverage angle by the wide lens. He also explained about portrait and aperture photography, how by using these two features, subjects such as objects or people’s faces can be separated from the background and capture more attractive images. In addition, he also gave explanations about filming in Vlog mode. A feature that allows the user to shoot with two cameras at the same time and thus produce very creative videos.

At the end Mr. Fayaz answered the frequent questions of users regarding the pre-sale festival, when the Nova 9 SE will be available in USA and installing various apps on Huawei phones. It should be noted that during this event, one of the young talents in making and playing music played the drum machine and beat box.

The full version of this event can be found on the official page of Huawei in Youtube with the name See “huaweimobilefarsi”.

To see the complete specifications of Nova 9 SE and pre-order it, you can go to this link refer to.

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