Huawei looking for 5.5G internet connection; Speed ​​up to 10 times compared to 5G

Huawei looking for 5.5G internet connection; Speed ​​up to 10 times compared to 5G

Huawei looking for 5.5G internet connection; Speed ​​up to 10 times compared to 5G

Recently, in an event called 5G-Advanced Innovation Industry, one of the vice presidents of Huawei introduced six important directions to achieve 5.5G communication. This technology is being developed by Huawei and other companies and can improve the communication speed of devices up to 10 times in the next few years. As you can guess from the name of this technology, 5.5G technology will actually be a major update and professional version of 5G technology, which aims to add additional capabilities to the main platform of 5G technology.

Huawei has also pointed out that 5.5G can play a strategic and important role in improving the experience of real-time interaction between devices, increasing the capability of the Internet of Things in the form of cellular communication, as well as new communication scenarios. .

According to the information published in this event, with the development of 5.5G technology, Huawei is pursuing six different areas of important goals in the world of communication, the ultimate goal of which is to increase the network capacity to 10 times the current level. These six areas are:

• Spectral reconstruction

• Increasing the rate of Uplink

• Access to the Internet of Things in full or Full Scenario

• Ability to produce and develop different scenarios

• Self-driving transportation network at L4 level

• Reducing carbon on the planet and developing green technologies

But you may have been wondering what equipment and preparations are needed to reach 5.5G technology. In the event to review this topic, it was stated that the current 5G networks can resort to several ways to reach the maximum capabilities mentioned in 5.5G.

One of these methods is to improve the level of sending and receiving data, which can be achieved with accurate positioning processes and increasing the density of connections. In addition, the use of artificial intelligence can be used to increase accuracy in communication and improve communication capacity.

In the continuation of this ceremony, Mr. Zhou Wenwei, one of the directors of Huawei and the head of the Strategic Research Institute, Express your opinion about this payment technology. In his speech, while pointing out that 5.5G can be the higher level of the current 5G technology, Mr. Venoy also pointed out that one of the important requirements in 5G technology is that future advanced systems can support all devices. support 5G without restrictions.

Besides the ability to support different devices, conditions must be created so that 5.5G devices can also use all frequency bands below 100 GHz so that the maximum potential can be reached. Make them real.

Another interesting news to be informed about the capabilities of 5.5G technology is that with 5.5G you can achieve download rates of gigabits per second with a delay of 5 The millisecond has arrived, which makes it possible for users to do a lot of things.

At the end of the ceremony, it was announced that Huawei is vigorously developing and working on 5.5G technology to be able to use it. As an important update for 5G technology, it will be available to users in the coming years.

Of course, this is not the end of Huawei’s work in the field of communication, and the company plans to, between 2025 and 2030, Together with its partners, it also pursues more advanced technologies than 5.5G and brings it to the stage of public and commercial use.

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