Huawei founder: Some American politicians are bent on destroying us

Huawei founder: Some American politicians are bent on destroying us

Huawei founder: Some American politicians are bent on destroying us

News unit After several weeks of speculation and publication of various news , Huawei finally on November 17 with Releasing a statement announced that the business Honor handed over to Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology; A problem that was mainly caused by the restrictions and problems caused by the step-by-step sanctions of the United States of America. Now, according to a post published on Thursday, November 26 of this year (December 6, 2020) in the Huawei staff forum, Ren Zhengfei, the founder and CEO of this company, admitted that they had to sell the Honor sub-brand because The smartphone sector “has been under severe pressure due to the unavailability of the required technical items.”

According to Ren, “the successive waves of US sanctions against Huawei finally made us realize that the goal of some politicians Americans are not reforming us, but they want to destroy us.” According to Ren, while Huawei has managed to overcome the difficulties to some extent, “millions” of employees at Honor offices and distributors around the world will lose their jobs due to obstacles in sales channels. In his view, Huawei should not “throw innocent people into the water, just because it is under pressure.”

According to the research institute Canalys, in the period from July to September of this year, Honor managed to get 26% out of 51.7 million smartphones supplied by Huawei. In addition to smartphones, this brand is also active in the field of making laptops, tablets, smart TVs and electronic accessories.

Reuters news agency quoted several different sources from the efforts of Huawei’s competitors to increase their production with the aim of having Taking the market share of this company has been announced. Now, according to the point of view of Flora Tang from Counterpoint Institute, if Honor can resume the production of its products, the market share of this company will be restored.

Ren Honor to compete Serious with Huawei, called after the breakup and said that Overtaking Huawei should “become your slogan for motivation because we will be each other’s competitors in the future.”

Of course, it is possible that the change of the presidency in the United States and the coming of Joe Biden will be somewhat of a pressure. Reduce Huawei and its partners. As of now, the news about the lifting of the ban on the use of the TikTok application in America is being heard. However, it will have to wait until the new US government is fully established. Apparently, Huawei officials have also decided to modify their policies regardless of possible changes and not rely too much on the unknown consequences of the change of the American government.

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