HTC’s upcoming flagship launch has been delayed

HTC’s upcoming flagship launch has been delayed

HTC’s upcoming flagship launch has been delayed

So far, HTC has introduced various phones, some of which have been welcomed by the users of the technology world; But others have been forgotten. We have been waiting for the unveiling of the new flagship generation of this company for some time now; But recently, news has been published that says we have to wait longer. HTC’s new flagship smartphone was supposed to be released in April; But it seems that its unveiling has been delayed., the reason for the delay in the release of HTC’s new product is supply chain problems caused by the spread of Corona; As a result, it is clear that the mentioned company did not abandon the production of this product and only the problems were on its way.

  • HTC is likely to introduce a flagship phone soon

They believe that the future flagship of HTC, like smartphones Exodus 1 and Exodus 1s The design will have an attractive and special appearance. The said device is probably somehow related to the company’s VR Vive Flow headset and may even run augmented reality applications. The new one will take another step in the world of Metaverse and align with the wave of the technology world.

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