HRP-5P: A robot that installs a false wall

HRP-5P: A robot that installs a false wall

HRP-5P: A robot that installs a false wall

Company AIST, which works in the field of industrial technologies and advanced technologies, has published a new video in which we can see the Japanese humanoid robot called HRP-5P , which is able to install a false wall alone. Using its hands, this robot lifts the desired piece from the table and installs it on the wall with a nailer, just like a real human. Although the speed of this robot is not very high and it may look like a new and inexperienced teenager, but in the end it does its job and installs the prefabricated wall where it should be.

AIST believes that this robot will become Japan’s workforce in construction in the near future. As you know, Japan is considered an old country and soon it will face problems to provide the human labor it needs, especially in the construction sector. The manufacturing company hopes that the HRP-5P robot will be used in the construction of buildings, houses, airplanes and also ships.

This robot first prepares a map of the surrounding environment and then It detects objects using its precise artificial intelligence and takes action

Such progress in the robotics industry has turned many predictions that were always made in the past years into reality. he does; For example, in 2013, Oxford University conducted a study on the jobs that will be assigned to robots in the future, and it is interesting to know that in this study, it was found that 79% of the probability of installing prefabricated and false walls will be assigned to robots. will be The construction industry has long expressed concern about the replacement of robots and the unemployment of human labor. Let’s not forget that even now there are many robots in the world who are working alongside humans in jobs such as laying bricks, carpentry and tiling.

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