How did Honor become a valuable brand?

How did Honor become a valuable brand?

How did Honor become a valuable brand?

There is a revolution happening all over the world right now that is not managed by the political leaders of the world. In fact, activists in the field of technology have started a digital revolution; Following this path, Huawei with the aim of marketing and selling products introduced the Honor brand online and rejecting other possible competitors . The plans to establish Honor date back to 2011. But the official start of this brand was in 2013 and the first unveiling of the Honor brand was in 2014 with HONOR 3C happened in Malaysia and very soon this product went to European markets. Honor managers, the same year as the first Honor flagship, Honor 6 (HONOR 6) was released to the market, which was widely welcomed.

Honor’s global expansion was so rapid that by the first half of 2015 This brand was sold in 74 countries. This year, Honor released its second flagship, the Honor 7 (HONOR 7), which once again brought great sales for the Chinese.

The need to focus on the large market of European countries made Honor unveil its online store for the sale of its products. Honor’s goal for this work was to double the profit from the sale of products. But the managers of Honor still had bigger dreams and together with the CES 2016 event and with the product HONOR 5X entered the American market. The statistics published this year stated that the brand sold nearly 60 million smartphones with a profit of around 8.4 billion dollars.

Serious activity in social networks made Honor a youth-friendly brand. Now recognized as a tech-chic and youth-friendly brand, it saw the time for new ambitions. On the third anniversary of this brand, Honor Magic ( HONOR introduced Magic) with the aim of improving the user experience of smartphones with its own artificial intelligence.

CES 2017 with the introduction of Honor 6X (HONOR 6X) was included. An attractive product that received the title of the best phone of the exhibition from many reputable online publications, including Android Authority, Digital Trends, Slash Gear and Talk Android.

It didn’t take long for Honor to become a popular brand in the world of technology and It became one of the famous brands in the world. Now that Honor has found its way by focusing more on the camera, exciting products like Honor 9 (HONOR 9) launched. A smartphone that National Geographic mentioned as a suitable companion for professional photographers.

The generation that Honor is targeting are young people who have grown up using gadgets and the Internet. They don’t remember the time without internet and smartphones and they are proud of this difference. This generational focus has made Honor produce products from the beginning that can be purchased by students, students and young employees and, of course, meet the needs of this technology-savvy generation in the best way.

By introducing the smart ecosystem 1+8+N, Honor launched various other products, including laptops, smart bands, smart watches, earbuds, etc., which were well received.

Since 2013, Honor has been among the top smart phone brands in the world and has released more than 70 million devices to the market annually. According to the IDC report, Honor accounted for 28% of all products released by Huawei in the first half of 2020, earning more than $10 billion in revenue.

Now after 7 years, Honor It is a stylish and innovative lifestyle generator for technology lovers, and it continues to move forward strongly in the direction of creating a unique and lovely experience in the lives of users as a valuable brand in the world of technology.

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