How can we reset our iPad?

How can we reset our iPad?

How can we reset our iPad?

There are many reasons to reset an iPad. If you are planning to sell the device, your tablet has a problem that can only be solved by resetting, or if you are looking to empty your iPad in the easiest way, resetting the device can help you.

However, this is not so simple. The option to reset the iPad is hidden in the settings menu of this device, and even if you find it, there are so many options to choose from that it can confuse anyone. For this reason, we have explained the method of resetting the iPad.

How to delete a series of specific information from the iPad

To delete a series of specific information, such as the keyboard dictionary. or location history, you can clear specific data.

First open the Settings app. By default, this application is located on the home page and its icon is gray with a gear symbol. Then, from the Options list on the left side of the screen, select the General option, which is located in the third part of the options on the left.

Now go to the end of the list. At the bottom of the list, above the Shut Down option, you can see the Reset option. Select this option to see a full list of new options.

You can clear all saved location information by selecting Reset Locations and Privacy. The Reset Home Screen Layout option resets the apps you have on your home screen and clears all the folders you’ve created yourself. The Reset Keyboard Dictionary option deletes all the saved words and your dictionary settings, and finally the Reset Network Settings deletes all the Wi-Fi network passwords stored in the device.

How to factory reset iPad

If If you want to erase all the data and applications on your device and return the iPad to the same state as when you bought it from Apple, you must factory reset the device. Back up your needs. You can save the necessary information in the cloud servers or transfer it to the computer.

To factory reset, first enter the Reset menu by performing the steps mentioned above.

Then in Here, select the “Erase All Content and Settings” option. At this point, you need to re-enter the device password. With this, your iPad device will start to clear all the information in the memory.

At the end of this process, you have an iPad device that is no different from new models in terms of software.

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