Harmony OS 3.0 operating system will be finally released this September

Harmony OS 3.0 operating system will be finally released this September

Harmony OS 3.0 operating system will be finally released this September

After Huawei released the second version of its proprietary user interface, Harmony OS 2.0, to more devices in China, now that it is the third generation of Harmony, many users are eager to know Harmony OS. What new capabilities will 3.0 bring with it; Of course, most of the Huawei devices that are active in the global markets still haven’t received any version of Harmony OS.

Recently, one of the famous Chinese whistleblowers shared the announced roadmap of Harmony OS 3.0 in the developer innovation contest on the Weibo social network. has shared According to this program, the release of the new generation of Huawei’s operating system in the big update Harmony OS 3.0 and OpenHarmony 3.1 has been postponed to September 2022 (September 1401).

A blogger earlier posted about this, announcing the beginning of the Harmony OS 3.0 beta test in May. 2022 (June 1401) had stated; In addition, he added that the development part of this operating system is almost finished and we will not see many changes in the user interface of the upcoming version; Of course, in the new generation of its operating system, Huawei intends to improve the user experience and overall performance and make the connection, interaction and data sharing between several Huawei devices more optimized and stable.

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Harmony OS 3.0 in Beta

According to the official roadmap of HarmonyOS, the release of HM OS 3.0 in its beta version was supposed to start in March (April), and then in July (July) the version It should be supplied in a stable manner. Now, according to new news, this program has been delayed for some reason and it is expected that the beta version of HM OS 3.0 will be released in May (June) and its stable version in September (September).

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