Google’s serious approach to the development of hardware products

Google’s serious approach to the development of hardware products

Google’s serious approach to the development of hardware products

When Mario Queiroz joined Google in 2005, the company had only developed one hardware product. This product was a large, yellow device that was placed in the server rooms of large companies and allowed employees to collect and search among internal documents. Since then, many changes have been made at Google. Is. Now Google produces laptops, smartphones, smart speakers and other products in different categories. The company expects to complete the $1.1 billion acquisition of HTC in early 2018.

KeyRosh believes that more people will be needed to implement all the ideas. The acquisition of HTC will add nearly 2,000 mobile engineers to Google, which will strengthen the Mountain View-based company’s ability to build and develop smartphones. Now we have our own hardware engineers working with our software engineers who interact with our supply chain to build and develop products.

KeyRoche’s ultimate goal is to get Pixel phones into the hands of a wide range of smartphone users.

According to KeyRoche, Google seriously entered the hardware field when Launched Chromecast for TVs. Launched in 2013, this device connects to a TV through an HDMI port and provides smart features for non-smart TVs. Queiroz says that the idea of ​​streaming content was something that required two-way interaction between hardware and software. At that time, Google realized that many people only used this device to play and stream music. use. So Queiroz and his team came up with the idea of ​​making a Chromecast for playing music. When his team went into the process of building such a product, they decided to add more peripheral features to the product. By adding a built-in speaker and Google’s voice-activated smart assistant, a new device called Google Home emerged; A device that had a great competitor called Amazon Echo. However, Google could not release this product until November 2016; Almost a year and a half after the launch of Amazon Echo. The same thing made Amazon’s smart speaker increase its dominance on the market even more in a space without competitors and take 76% of the market share. Recently, the competition between these two companies has increased and they will do anything to win this breathtaking battle. After Amazon removed Google products from its store, the search giant also removed the YouTube app from Echo Show devices. Before referring to Google’s statement on the matter, he said:

We were not in a mutual situation. It is still our duty to provide our services to as many devices as possible.

Google’s problem in the field of making hardware products is the delay in the supply of its products. Despite this company’s many years of cooperation with manufacturers, we still see the late release of Google products.

Of course, Queiroz thinks about this delay in a different way.

When we decide to do something new, we like to take a new approach. You cannot change the past; Rather, you can only think about the experiences that you intend to transfer and advance.

In the Pixel 2 unveiling conference, the director of Google’s hardware department, Rick Estrello > talked about the company’s unique approach to its devices. According to him, Google’s unique approach depends on the application and combination of hardware, software and artificial intelligence. Referring to the words of Rick Estrello, Queiroz considers the use of artificial intelligence to be the distinguishing feature of Google products.

Despite the presence of great hardware and our efforts to build good hardware, the unique capabilities of artificial intelligence are not seen in the device and We have also provided it from the server side.

Pixel 2 is the clearest example of using this perspective in making a product. A small application of artificial intelligence can be found in the identification of playing music. With this feature, users can recognize the music that is playing and add it to their playlist. According to Google’s claim, the entire process takes place on the smartphone and no user data is sent to the company’s servers.

Kirosh says in this regard:

It is very important for us to have the ability to do many things on have your phone; Not only for fast and powerful performance, but also for privacy reasons. We want to provide the ability to do things in a way that doesn’t require access to Google’s servers. Android will be more. Due to the fact that now Google produces its own phones, it can use unique features in its device by manipulating Android. The integration between hardware and software will allow Google to offer its Pixels with exclusive features in the future. Of course, according to Keirosh, the main features of Android will be available for all phones equipped with this operating system.

The above is very beneficial for Google and its products; But by doing such a thing, the tension between this company and other manufacturers that use Android will certainly increase.

Kirosh never mentions during his talks that his company intends to make the best smartphone in the market. has the He prefers the words he says about Google’s strategies to be political and thoughtful.

He says:

Our goal for Pixel is to make the best package of Google product experience.

Of course, Google still has a long way to prove its formulas in the field of hardware. The Pixel Buds earphones are more like a manufactured prototype than a final product. Despite Google’s praises of Pixel Buds, people’s feedback about this earphone was not very positive and satisfactory. However, Google has not yet released statistics on the sales of its hardware division, and it is not clear whether this division is for Is Google a profit or a loss?

Kirosch concludes by saying:

What we’re trying to do is seamlessly use the digital assistant across devices. This is the new thing we believe we can provide

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