Google’s business partners are not optimistic about the company’s ambitious Pixel 6 sales target

Google’s business partners are not optimistic about the company’s ambitious Pixel 6 sales target

Google’s business partners are not optimistic about the company’s ambitious Pixel 6 sales target

The 2021 flagships of Google have been officially announced. This year, for the first time, these phones are equipped with Google’s proprietary chip called Tensor and an improved camera system. Considering the features offered in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, these two phones seem to have a lot to say.

Furthermore, the price tag for Google’s new flagships may entice more people to buy them. The company is quite confident that this year’s Pixels will experience significant sales. Mountain View’s goal is to double the sales of Pixel 6 compared to the company’s 2020 phone sales.

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To report Phone Arena and according to the analytical company IDC, Google only released 3.7 million smartphones last year. According to recent reports, this company initially did not have much ambition to increase the sales of its products; But this year, the situation is different and Google is looking to increase its share of the smartphone market.

Google’s business partners are not as optimistic as the company about the Pixel 6 sales target

Tensor chip specifically for Pixel phones has been produced and apparently has provided better hardware-software integration. This is an advantage that Apple has been using for years; Because this company uses its own chips along with the iOS operating system in its smartphones.

Google plans to produce seven million Pixel 6 devices in 2021

As you probably know, Google is a company that It is responsible for the development of the Android operating system. The latest version of this operating system is Android 12, which can be said to have the biggest changes in its design. According to Nikkei Asia, Google plans to produce seven million Pixel 6 devices this year. Meanwhile, it has released five million Pixel 5a devices to the market by August. In comparison, we should mention that in 2020, Samsung released 253 million smartphones and Apple released about 200 million smartphones.

Apparently, Google wants to take advantage of the fact that it is the only American manufacturer of Android smartphones. This company is especially looking at the American, European and Japanese markets. Joey Yen from IDC said about this:

Western markets such as Europe and the United States are very sensitive to data privacy and national security implications related to electronic devices; For this reason, it can be said that Google has a very good opportunity to offer its products in these markets. The company has high hopes for its new hardware and plans to keep more users on its platform and interact with them directly; Because it can perform a better analysis on the data in order to provide its future services.

Google’s goal is to take a part of the share of Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi. These three companies have all benefited from Huawei’s weak presence. Until recently, Huawei was considered one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world; But due to the imposition of heavy US sanctions, its activity in the smartphone market has been greatly reduced. U.S. restrictions have prevented Huawei from securing key technologies needed to make its smartphones.

For now, Google is safe from the global chip shortage issue; But some technical issues have affected the efficiency of the production process of this company’s products. Also, the report suggests that suppliers are not as optimistic about the sales of the Pixel 6 series as Google. Many of these companies still don’t know if Google will really succeed in achieving its sales target or not.

It should also be noted that the advertisements related to the Pixel 6 series phones are making a lot of noise in the smartphone market. has done; But despite these conditions, it is not possible to talk with certainty about the sales of 2021 Google flagships. Needless to say, apparently this company is working on a new Pixelbook series laptop that will use the Chrome operating system. Also, it is said that Google plans to produce a dedicated chip for its next Chromebooks.

What is your opinion about this news, EMGblog users? Can Google achieve its sales target?

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