Google recently acknowledged that tablets could be the future of computing

Google recently acknowledged that tablets could be the future of computing

Google recently acknowledged that tablets could be the future of computing

When Apple introduced the first iPod tablet in 2010, it was widely criticized and even called a ridiculous idea. Currently, iPad is the most popular tablet computer in the world and its future prospects are bright. Of course, it didn’t take long for the Google tablet to be found in the market. First, Google released several tablets from the Nexus series, and Nexus 7 became one of the most memorable devices in Google’s history. Now, according to a statement from Google, it is clear that they consider tablets to be the future of computer computing.

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Now the latest Android tablet of this company is Pixel C, which was introduced by Google in September 2015. Although tablets are not as popular as in the past, many Android tablets from different companies have been launched in the market in recent years. After the Pixel C, Google stopped producing new tablets and did not release any other products. While it is estimated that another tablet from Google will not be announced, it seems that the company is ready to re-enter and compete with Apple in this market.

The latest Google tablet with The name Pixel C

Has Google regained its interest in producing new tablets?

Recently a Ad A new job has been published by Google, which shows that the company is interested in attracting a manager. An engineering graduate with experience working in a software environment gives a tablet. Below you can read part of what Google said in this ad:

“We believe that the future of computing is moving towards more powerful tablets. . We are working to create the next chapter of computing in this field seamlessly across our platforms, creating new ways to be creative and productive.”

This quote does not explicitly state that Whether another new tablet is in development by Google or not, it seems that Google is asking its employees to help bring Android tablets to market with the help of OEMs. In other words, maybe Google wants to benefit from this work by helping OEM companies in the production of tablets, and may not interfere directly.

The surprise supply of Android 12L for tablets is perhaps the first sign from Google. It was to give importance to these products. With all of this, Google’s job ad shows that the company has bigger goals than before for computing and computer experiences on tablets, and may not be limited to just providing Android updates in the future. It’s probably time for Android fans to have a tablet that can fully compete with the iPod.

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