Google Pixel Watch likely to be announced at Google’s 2019 hardware event

Google Pixel Watch likely to be announced at Google’s 2019 hardware event

Google Pixel Watch likely to be announced at Google’s 2019 hardware event

For years, Google has been rumored to be working on a smartwatch is called the Google Pixel Watch (Google Pixel Watch). Last year, rumors suggested that Google this Smartwatch at Google’s Hardware event in 2018, but when that possibility didn’t happen, many Fans were disappointed. Now, new rumors suggest that this smart watch will finally be unveiled at the same time as Google Pixel 4 (Google Pixel 4) to be announced at Google’s hardware event on Tuesday, October 15.

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This rumor was raised by Nikkei Asian Review and its source was introduced by an anonymous but knowledgeable person. In the past, this website has been able to predict the time of hardware introduction well. This news source also added that Google will introduce the 5G version of the Pixel 4 and a notebook at its hardware event.

Although the name of Pixel Watch is not mentioned in this report, since Google’s hardware products have been branded as Pixel for the past four years, it would be a bit strange if the company’s new smart watch does not carry the name of this brand.

In the past few years, many possibilities regarding watches Google Smart and its final features have been published. Currently, the most likely thing is that the OS of this Google smartwatch Wear OS , but some rumors also say that the Google smartwatch will be a hybrid watch. This year, Google has acquired hybrid smart watch technology through a $40 million contract with Fossil with the help of 20 engineers from this company, and it is not unlikely that it will use this technology in the Pixel watch. Although some reports say that the result of this contract is more than getting hybrid technology, it has shown engineering talent and it is unlikely that Google will use its smart watch with an operating system different from the operating system specific smart watch. Google, to supply. The Pixel Watch allows Google to showcase the performance of Wear OS at its best; That is, the same thing that happened with the Pixel phone for Android .

In recent years, various companies have given importance to health and fitness in their smart watches. We hope that Google’s smart watch will also have fitness-tracking technology so that it can work with Apple Watch (Apple Watch) to compete.

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