Goodbye to Nach; iPhone 14 Pro was depicted in eye-catching renderings

Goodbye to Nach; iPhone 14 Pro was depicted in eye-catching renderings

Goodbye to Nach; iPhone 14 Pro was depicted in eye-catching renderings

Usually months before the official unveiling of Apple phones, details about them are available to the media thanks to whistleblowers. This happened to the iPhone 14 series (Apple iPhone 14) and now there is a lot of information about the new members of the family. We know iPhone. The whistleblowers have also revealed the appearance characteristics of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro and based on these characteristics, LetsgoDigital has created renderings to familiarize us with the design Apple’s new phone.

As you can see in the new renderings, this year Apple plans to use three cameras on the back panel of high-end iPhones. use separately. According to rumors, this camera set includes a 48-megapixel main sensor, so that we can see the use of such a sensor for the first time in the history of iPhones. Analysts say that using a 48-megapixel camera will increase the thickness of the camera protrusion on the back panel of the new iPhones.

Apple since the unveiling iPhone X has not made many changes in the front panel of iPhones and iPhone 13 Pro Max As Apple’s latest flagship phone, it still hosts a notch at the top of its screen.

Using a notch in iPhones makes sense; Because according to Apple, the notch hosts a selfie camera and advanced Face ID technology sensors. However, it is not very pleasant to see this type of design in an era when most companies have gone to use holes. In this regard, Apple will probably remove the notch from high-end iPhones this year.

In the renderings, we see that the notch in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max is replaced by two holes, one of which houses the selfie camera and the other houses the Face ID sensors. Most whistleblowers agree on this type of design; For this reason, it is likely that the iPhone 14 Pro will finally be unveiled with such a new design.

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  • Despite removing the notch, the dimensions of the iPhone 14 Pro selfie camera will probably not change
  • The leaked schematic image of the iPhone 14 shows the actual dimensions of the notch above the display of this phone

Rumors say that Apple will go for two types of chips in the iPhone 14 series this year, with the explanation that the regular models will use the A15 chip and the Pro and Pro Max models will use the unannounced A16 chip.

Probably the model The base iPhone 14 Pro will have 128 GB of storage; But those interested will be able to get this phone in 256 and 512 GB and 1 TB models. According to rumors, there is also a possibility of the 2022 Apple flagship 2TB model.

What is your opinion, EMGblog users, about the renderings of the iPhone 14 Pro?

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