Getting to know the design of PlayStation VR2 – Sony’s latest virtual reality headset

Getting to know the design of PlayStation VR2 – Sony’s latest virtual reality headset

Getting to know the design of PlayStation VR2 – Sony’s latest virtual reality headset

News News In today’s world, the competition for attracting customers in The virtual reality (VR) space is extremely high. Therefore, the company Sony must update itself to keep up with the competition. It was February 2021 that Sony announced the production of a new virtual reality headset and a month later introduced its controllers. In January of this year, Sony confirmed that this headset will enter the market under the name PlayStation VR2. Now this Japanese company on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 (March 3, 1400) with publishing an article on the PlayStation blog, also unveiled the design of the PlayStation VR2. In the same article, Sony also unveiled the appearance of the controllers of this headset – under the title VR2 Sense.

Hidekai Nishino, Senior Vice President of PlayStation, describes the company’s new headset: “Our goal is to create a headset that is not only an attractive part of The decor is your living room, but it immerses you in the game world, to the point where you almost forget you’re using a headset or controller.” The PlayStation VR2 headset and VR2 Sense controller have a coordinated look and are designed to display a 360-degree view of the virtual world. He added, these products are made in such a way that their appearance and user experience are similar to the overall mood of PlayStation 5 (although in a softer and more body-friendly format).

In the new design of PlayStation VR2, just like the PlayStation 5 itself, we see the use of black and white colors. According to the manufacturer, in the design of the PlayStation VR2 headset, special attention has been paid to its compatibility with the PlayStation 5. The main elements in the overall design of the PlayStation VR2 headset are almost the same as the first generation of this headset (i.e. PlayStation VR), but the new model has been improved in several ways, including the lens adjustment screw, the new design of the ventilation system and weight reduction. Not to mention, just like the PlayStation 5 and its controller (DualSense), there are textured PlayStation icons hidden in the front and back bands of the PlayStation VR2 headset.

According to Nishino’s claim, Sony focused on ergonomics in making the PlayStation VR2 and the initial feedback from The people who have worked with this product for the first time have been positive. Among the positive points of this headset is the addition of the lens adjustment screw, which can have a significant effect on improving the headset’s performance. With the help of this section, the user can optimize his vision by adjusting the distance of the lens between the eyes. Also, thanks to the new ventilation system, at least on paper, air will flow better through the headset.

Support for vibration feedback, eye tracking, 4K HDR, 90 and 120 Hz frame rates, image rendering with variable resolutions based on eye movements (foveated rendering) and a 110-degree field of view are among other features of PlayStation VR2. has been This headset is connected to PlayStation with only one USB cable and starts working. In this way, it will be a little easier to set up than the previous generation headset (PlayStation VR).

More than 5 years have passed since the release of the first generation PlayStation VR headset, and it’s probably time for an update. You can currently use the old PlayStation VR headset with the PlayStation 5 console, but you’ll need a special adapter for that (after all, the user experience goes back 5 years). It should be mentioned that Sony has also taken other measures in the field of virtual reality without an updated headset (compatible with PS5). It won’t be much fun, including free VR games for PlayStation Plus members.

The negative point about PlayStation VR2 is that in order to use this new headset, it must be connected to a PlayStation device. Meanwhile, the user has to work with the $299 headset Quest 2 (product of meta), has the choice of connecting it to a computer or independently without the need for another device. use it Valve Index headset (with fingerprint tracking) and HP Reverb G2 (very high resolution) are among the most important competitors of PlayStation VR2 in the market.

Company Sony in the first days of 2022 from producing an exclusive game for PlayStation VR2 announced. According to Sony, the game – called Horizon Call of the Mountain – was developed specifically for the PlayStation VR2 and will introduce gamers to the world of Horizon. While the recent unveiling of the design of the PlayStation VR2 has answered many questions about the headset, some things about it still remain unanswered, including the price and when the product will be released.

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