Getting to know Samsung’s new panels – Korean artistry with folding, sliding and UDC screens

Getting to know Samsung’s new panels – Korean artistry with folding, sliding and UDC screens

Getting to know Samsung’s new panels – Korean artistry with folding, sliding and UDC screens

News unit Before the start of the SID exhibition, which is held every year from An information display will be held on Monday, May 17. 2021 (May 27, 1400) unveiled its newest display panels during a virtual event called Display Week 2021. These OLED panels – which are the result of the innovation and creativity of Samsung experts – somehow announce the production of different types of devices of this Korean company in the future. Among the panels that were exhibited at this event, the following can be mentioned: S-shaped folding panel, sliding display and a large and borderless display for a laptop with a camera inside. This virtual event continues until May 21 (31 May).

In the following, we examine each of the new Samsung panels that were unveiled at the Display Week 2021 virtual exhibition:

S-shaped foldable display

The rumor of the production of a display made by Samsung which is from two places It is possible, it has been heard from news circles for a long time. Apparently, this rumor was true. As seen in the picture, this display can be folded from two points and form an S-shaped shape. This feature leaves the user free to adjust the amount of display required for the task at hand. This panel can be a part of a device that folds in or folds out. When the panel is folded twice, it can be used like a smartphone. The maximum size of this panel when fully open reaches 7.2 inches (something between the 6.7-inch screen Galaxy Z Flip and a 7.6-inch screen Galaxy Fold2). Needless to say, in the device shown with this panel, the cameras are placed on the left edge of the screen. There have been many speculations about Samsung and many patents have been registered in this field in the name of Samsung. But finally we see the unveiling of the prototype of a phone with a sliding OLED display by Samsung. This technology allows the display to be expanded horizontally – without the need for any folding. In the prototype presented by Samsung in this exhibition, in normal mode, only a phone with normal dimensions can be seen. But by pressing a button, the phone’s display starts to expand from the right side and adds several millimeters to its width.

Of course, sliding screen is not a new idea and companies like TCL and LG (before discontinue its mobile division) had released teasers of smartphones with sliding screens. Oppo also last year in a similar action, from the concept device Oppo X 2021 revealed that the diameter of its sliding screen could be increased from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches.

17-inch foldable display

Apparently, Samsung is thinking about making large foldable tablets, because at the recent virtual exhibition it also unveiled a 17-inch foldable panel (just like Surface Neo tablet Microsoft or ThinkPad X1 Fold tablet product Lenovo). Considering productivity applications, the aspect ratio of this display in the open state is 4:3. The device equipped with this display can be used in both portrait and landscape modes. Undoubtedly, a tablet produced with this type of display will have more diverse functions.

Laptop panel with in-display camera

Finally, we come to the last item which is a display for the laptop. Samsung managed to create an almost full-screen display. ZTE previously the idea of ​​in-display camera with smartphone production ZTE Axon 20 had done it, but the idea of ​​a camera inside a laptop screen is unprecedented and it is not unlikely that Samsung will soon launch such a laptop and become the first laptop manufacturer with a real full-screen display and a camera inside it.

Not to mention, the Galaxy Z Fold3 foldable phone – which will be announced in the near future – will also use the in-display camera.
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