Getting to know Gorilla Glass Victos – Corning’s latest resistant glass

Getting to know Gorilla Glass Victos – Corning’s latest resistant glass

Getting to know Gorilla Glass Victos – Corning’s latest resistant glass The design of smartphones is behind several major trends. has put Initially, manufacturers preferred plastic for the back of the phone (which is still used today). Then, for a brief period, metal became a popular choice for high-end smartphones. But now, for various reasons, glass is the first choice of manufacturers. Currently, glass is used on the back and front of most high-end (and even mid-range) phones. When a widely used device like a mobile phone is made of glass, the durability and strength of its glass becomes very important. In this context, a name like Corning and its famous product, Gorilla Glass, is more familiar to the audience than any other brand.

Gorilla Glass is a popular option for covering the screen and the back of smartphones. Corning has produced various versions of this product until today, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The first series of these resistant glasses called Gorilla Glass 1 was launched in 2008 and in 2018, Gorilla Glass 6 was produced, which is the most complete version of this glass in Advanced smartphones are used. On Thursday, July 23, 2020 (August 2, 2019), Corning Company announced the production of the latest version of this glass announced .

You might expect Corning’s new product to be called Gorilla Glass 7, but contrary to this expectation, the manufacturer has chosen the name Gorilla Glass “Victus” for this product. The glass, which Corning claims, can not only withstand being dropped from a distance of 2 meters, but its scratch resistance has been significantly improved.

We must admit that since the release of Gorilla Glass 3 in 2014, Corning has not been very successful in improving the resistance of this glass against objects such as keys and coins, and even according to some experts, it has regressed in this field. ; Reports show that the performance of Gorilla Glass 4 is lower than Gorilla Glass 3 in some tests, and due to Corning’s greater focus on resistance Gorilla Glass 6 against falling, this version in terms of line tolerance And heck, not much progress compared to

According to some sources, Gorilla Glass Victus is scratched by applying a force between 7 and 10 Newtons, while this amount was reported to be 2 to 4 Newtons for previous generations of Gorilla Glass and other glasses. It is not bad to refer to the Knoop test to ensure the resistance of this new glass. The Knoop hardness test focuses on the force exerted on thin plates such as glass and uses a diamond to scratch the surface. The results of this test show that the pressure of 8 Newtons on Gorilla Glass Victus left only a few minor scratches on this glass, while applying a force of 4 Newtons on a similar glass from another brand caused more scratches. Also, by applying more force to create deeper scratches, the same glass broke much more easily than Gorilla Glass Victus.

As mentioned before, Gorilla Glass Victos’ drop resistance has increased to 2 meters. This achievement is not something that can be easily overlooked. To better understand the progress of Gorilla Glass Victus in this field, it is enough to compare this figure with the height of resistance Gorilla Glass 6 (equal to 1.6 meters) and Gorilla Glass Compare 5 (equal to 1.2 m). If we want to speak more concretely, within 4 years, Corning has managed to improve the resistance of Gorilla Glass against being dropped on a hard object from the height of the shoulder to the height of the user’s head. According to Corning, the safe drop height for other brands of glass is usually about 0.8 meters.

Some sources have also reported the improvement of the resistance of this glass in repeated falls. It is said that Gorilla Glass Victus can withstand an average of 20 drops from a distance of 1 meter. While this quantity was mentioned 15 times on average for Gorilla Glass 6.

According to John Bayne, Senior Vice President and Internal Manager Corning’s Mobile Consumer Electronics division, the company’s extensive research shows that improved glass resistance against drops and scratches is an important factor in guiding the consumer’s purchasing decision. A survey in the three countries of China, India and the United States – which are the largest smartphone markets in the world – indicates that after the brand of the phone, what matters more to the customer than anything else is the durability of the device. Among the factors of strength, screen size, camera quality and thinness of the body, strength is important up to 2 times more than other factors and consumers are willing to spend more money for more durable phones. Also, the result of analyzing the feedback of more than 90,000 consumers shows that the importance of the phone’s resistance to falling and scratching has doubled in the last 7 years.

According to Corning, Samsung It is the first brand that will use Gorilla Glass Victos in the production of its products. Most likely, the first device equipped with this glass will be the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. If you have followed the mobile news closely, you have probably heard that Samsung is producing this phone with a new glass called Gorilla Glass 7. Although, based on the way Corning products are named, we should have expected “Gorilla Glass 7”, but apparently Corning believes that this amount of progress in this glass requires a completely new name.

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