Getting to know FP8, FP5 and FP9 – LG TWS earbuds with active noise cancellation

Getting to know FP8, FP5 and FP9 – LG TWS earbuds with active noise cancellation

Getting to know FP8, FP5 and FP9 – LG TWS earbuds with active noise cancellation

News unit : Company LG said goodbye to Smartphone industry added. The most important common feature of these three new tools is that they are equipped with active noise cancellation. However, besides this common feature, there are also differences between the low-end product FP5 and FP8 and FP9.

All three new earbuds of the Korean company have features that were previously found in the products of this company’s competitors. Like AirPods and AirPods Pro has been developed by Apple. Competitors who promise users first-class sound and proper balance and optimal fit for active lifestyle in their products.

Of course, FP8 is not technically a completely new product, and apparently the Korean company earlier this month presented Airbody with slight differences from the current device for sale in Europe. The new LG earbuds have an IPX4 protection rating and use three built-in microphones on each earbud to eliminate noise. In addition, the sound played in them is adjusted in cooperation with the English company Meridian Audio and not only has spatial processing capability, but is also equipped with a three-dimensional sound technology known as 3D Sound Stage audio.

LG has also considered a feature called Whispering mode for its new products. which gives more clarity to calls and provides users’ privacy at higher levels. Whispering mode allows the user to place the right earbud near their mouth as a dedicated microphone and use it to make calls in environments such as a library or a crowded subway.

FP8 is the only member of the trio LG It is considered to support wireless charging technology. FP9 compensates for the lack of this feature with a feature called Plug & Wireless, in which the charging case (wired) acts as a wireless dongle and enables the user to connect the earphones of this model to devices such as the Nintendo game console.

Of course, other significant changes can be seen in the field of battery life of these products; According to LG, each of the FP5 phones can work up to 8 hours with a single charge, and taking into account the battery in the charging case, this number will increase to a total of 22 hours. In the two high-end models FP8 and FP9, each phone can continue to work for up to 10 hours with a single charge, and according to the manufacturer’s claim, their charging case will be able to provide the required energy for up to 24 hours. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the announced times are in the condition that the noise canceling feature is disabled in all three AirPods.

Regardless of these differences, the user experience in All three models will likely be similar. LG plans to release its new earbuds in selected markets this month in black (Black Charcoal) and white (White Pearl) colors for all three models and adding a third golden color (Haze Gold) for the FP8 and FP9 models. , but has not yet published information about their exact price. Of course, by comparing these products with previous LG earbuds such as FN7, experts believe that a price of around 200 dollars for FP8 and a little higher for FP9 is not far from expected.

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