Galaxy S22 Ultra resistance test shows the high strength of this phone

Galaxy S22 Ultra resistance test shows the high strength of this phone

Galaxy S22 Ultra resistance test shows the high strength of this phone

Samsung recently released its newest flagships, the Galaxy S series. 22 with a new design and powerful chips. It’s always fun to see how these phones perform in endurance tests, and Galaxy S22 Ultra is no exception to this rule. Samsung’s newest and best smartphone has been tested in terms of resistance to scratches, bends, flames and other things, and the video of this test shows how the S22 Ultra survives these tests.

Report wccftech, Galaxy S22 Ultra resistance test was conducted by YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, which shows how this device will perform in harsh conditions. The review begins with the screen scratch test, the results of which are not too surprising. Samsung has used Gorilla Glass Victus on the screen of this product, which will remain normal scratches with objects with a hardness of 6, and a hardness of 7 can make deeper scratches on the screen of this device. Of course, this result is not bad at all, because the review of most smartphones today shows the same result in terms of line. This includes Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s chassis is made of metal, which can withstand shocks, but over time, it will scratch. has The new and improved S-Pen S22 Ultra will also break with a little pressure because it is made of plastic. The back of the phone is also made of glass, but it uses a matte coating, and for this reason it is somewhat resistant to scratches.

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The new display used by Samsung in the S22 Ultra Variable renewal benefits. This screen can withstand some heat and the resistance test of this phone shows that when exposed to a flame, a white spot will remain on it permanently. In this video, we finally see the bending test and it is not surprising that the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a very strong structure and a lot of pressure from both sides has no effect on the device, which is a great feature for a smartphone of this size.

Finally, the Galaxy S22 Ultra successfully passes the resistance test of the JerryRigEverything channel.

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