From now on, all iPhone users can experience Fortnite with GeForce Now

From now on, all iPhone users can experience Fortnite with GeForce Now

From now on, all iPhone users can experience Fortnite with GeForce Now

After four months of limited beta release, a touchscreen-optimized version of Fortnite is now available to all Android and iOS users of Nvidia’s GeForce Now subscription service. This means that iPhone users do not have to wait for its return to the App Store to experience one of the most popular games in the world.

Apple in 2020, due to the violation of Epic Games and adding a direct payment port to Fortnite, will remove this game from the store. had deleted it online. On the iOS operating system, the GeForce Now service is available through the browser; But Android users can GeForce Now app download from Play Store.

Nvidia says that in the trial version of GeForce Now, which was presented to some users a few months ago, a total of 500,000 people have experienced the Fortnite game more than 4 million times. Nvidia says that it has been able to optimize the touch control system and in-game menus of Fortnite through user feedback.

Android users can download this game on their device even after removing Fortnite from the Play Store; Because Android, unlike iOS, allows the user to sideload applications. However, Nvidia had to put a lot of effort into optimizing Fortnite for touch screens (especially the iPhone) through a web browser.

Fortnite’s control system is optimized for touch screens

The PC version of Fortnite has been available for streaming through Nvidia’s cloud service for some time. If users wish, they can access Nvidia’s cloud service on Windows, Mac OS, Android TV, a number of LG smart TVs, and browsers such as Chrome and Edge. Fortnite is provided natively without the need for GeForce Now for most devices equipped with these operating systems.

Fortnite in GeForce Now has been undergoing optimization for a long time; Because Nvidia and Epic Games first said in late 2020 that they plan to bring this game back to iOS.

This game was previously offered to iOS users on the Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming service. Microsoft’s cloud service, like Nvidia’s service, is provided only through web browsers on iOS; Because Apple has strict rules for game streaming services and does not allow them to be published in the App Store.

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Nvidia says it will give all beta users three days of Priority subscription to GeForce Now service for free. Preparing the Priority subscription plan costs the user $8.99 per month. To stream the Fortnite game at 120 frames per second on Android devices, you must be a user of the most expensive GeForce Now subscription plan, which costs $19.99 per month. Nvidia says its cloud gaming service is now home to 1,300 games available through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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